The first pics of the Dirty Dancing remake are here

All together now: “I’ve had… the time of my LIFE!”

By TV Week team
Time to put your best foot forward as the first snaps of the highly anticipated Dirty Dancing remake have landed!

While the original film was perfect and couldn’t possibly be improved upon, we’re still pumped for the remake, because having more Dirty Dancing in our lives can only ever be a good thing.
Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the original Dirty Dancing film.
In case you missed it, Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, Scream Queens) is set to take on the role of Baby Houseman, alongside Colt Prattes as Johnny Castle.

Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) will play Baby’s big sister Lisa. Debra Messing (Will & Grace) and Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek, Mad Men) will be playing Marjorie Houseman and Dr. Jake Houseman respectively.

The cast also includes Katey Sagal (This Is Us, Superior Donuts) as Vivian Pressman and Nicole Scherzinger (The X Factor) as Penny Rivera. Billy Dee Williams will play Tito alongside Beau Casper Smart as Billy Kotsecki.

The stars have taken to Instagram to share the first snaps from on set and we can’t get enough.
Debra Messing is just as excited as the rest of us when it comes to reviving this classic film. “I am very excited,” Debra tells PEOPLE. “The original movie was incredibly special to me. I remember seeing it when I was a kid with my mother and just falling in love with everything about it.”

However, be warned, the remake is set to take a few liberties with the original script.
“It has the DNA of the original, but you are going to find out what happened to Baby and Johnny after that summer ended,” Debra says. “So there’s some additional surprises in there that are new.”
Surprises? We’re pretty sure we can handle them. If you need us, we’re just re-watching the original for the 187,997th time because, well, who even needs an excuse?

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