"I’ve got no desire to see him again!" Simone Ormesher won't be staying in touch with Matty J

Sans single date, the British bombshell exits the Bachie mansion with grace and dignity.

By Chloe Lal
Once again, poor Simone is without a Matty J date.
The cheeky second date goes to Laura... And she's pretty chuffed.
With stars in their eyes, The Bachelor Australia 2017 lovebirds headed straight to the observatory. But first they saw a psychic.
Sadly she didn't reveal her prophecy for the serie's outcome.
After Matty bought his leading lady a star, a singular rose and many kisses were exchanged.
The group date saw all the girls go carnival for their Bachie babe.
Poor Simone was faced with gluten, dairy and even yeast hurdles (all in the shape of a seemingly innocent doughnut).
There was a game that unveiled sweet childhood memories, and gave Matty and the girls a chance to create new ones.
MJ couldn't help but spend some time with Elise.
Sadly, the cocktail party saw the end of Simone.
Now To Love caught up with bubbly personality about her rollercoaster time in the mansion.

Simone Ormesher, 26, VIC, office administrator

Entering the mansion, Simone vowed she'd be “completely myself and if that is not enough, then it is just not meant to be.”
Talk us through that final rose ceremony, what happened?
I knew it was coming. I was expecting it. I had a chat with Matty that night [sighs] and it didn’t really go well. From the way he was talking, I knew I was going home, so I was ready.
What are your feelings towards Matty now?
I haven’t got any feeling for him, actually. I think he’s a great guy, but when I first got out of the house I was a bit angry that I never got a chance and I was there for so long.
But now I wish him luck, I really do! He’s been through this twice so I hope he’s actually found someone.
Lots of girls have actually said he’s not their type, did you dig him?
At first because of the heightened situation – it all felt like a fairytale and so I did think he could be my type. While you’re in the mansion you really want him and then you leave and you’re like: ‘Oh! Actually no, you’re really not what I’m looking for.’
He’s not what I usually go for. There was no spark and he doesn’t make me laugh.
Meeting Matty J for the very first time.
What did your mum think of him?
She was so proud of me! There were times I wanted to leave and she told me not to. She thought it was the best experience for me. As for Matty, she just didn’t see it. Like not at all.
She tried to ask him questions but he didn’t really answer her. She knew then that he wasn’t right. I guess it was obvious he didn’t like me in that way.
What would you say if you saw him now?
I’ve got no desire to really see him again. If I saw him out with the girl he chooses I’d have a drink with them.
But I think if I bumped into him on the street I’d hide around the corner. [Laughs] So awkward!
How did you feel about not getting a single date?
It was really horrible. I think all women need uplifting and to feel wanted. I was in that house for SO long, and I didn’t get anything. It felt so ridiculous but that’s what you’re there for.
I felt so insecure it really got in my head, I was comparing myself all the time and it was just so horrible. Like really so horrible.
Simone admits getting no single date was "horrible."
You and Leah had nearly an entire episode dedicated to your topless waitressing pasts, how did that feel? Did you get to watch the episode back or did you decide to skip it?
I watched it with a few of my friends after a few glasses of wine, that made it a lot easier!
It was awful, it really was the worst. I think could probably be one of the worst moments of my life. Being in there, being made to say that when it’s your thing to tell… I should be able to share that in my own time.
You haven’t even taken me on a date, so why have I got to tell you? It’s just something I wouldn’t do. It was really confronting and I just didn’t like the position I was put in. It really was horrible and to watch it back, it brought everything back to me.
Watch the moment in the video player below. Post continues after!
Have you spoken to Leah since?
I have seen her! I saw her on Friday and I’ve seen her out a couple of times as we both live in Melbourne. Look, she apologised to me and we’re fine.
It is so different being on the outside than being in the mansion. She’s actually quite different outside – which is weird! She’s actually quite nice! [Laughs]
We’ll never be best friends but we’re a lot better, we’re civil!
The bubbly blonde has no regrets.
It seemed like Jen and Leah were the biggest trouble makers in the house but was that the case inside the mansion?
Oh look it really was just the two of them. There was obviously people they were friends with but the main people causing drama was Leah and Jen.
Who do you think will win?
Every week I watch it I end up thinking it will be someone different.
From being in the house, right from the beginning she was so confident so I think Laura but now when I watch it I have no idea!
The 26-year-old is proud of the way she handled herself.

Are you currently dating or seeing anyone? You've been linked to Shane Warne, what's the situation there?
[Laughs] Shane Warne! Haha oh no!
I’m honestly looking. The whole reason I went on that show was to find someone. I’m not dating anybody and I’m very open to finding someone. It’s weird, no one has shown interest!
No way! After tonight’s episode everyone will be knocking.
I hope so!
Simone is single and ready to mingle!
The British beauty encourages everyone to "be comfortable in your own skin!"
What’s next for you now? We saw the recent pics from a bikini shoot – is modelling the plan?
After everything that came out from the show, I don’t want anyone to ever be ashamed of their body.
If you’re comfortable in your own skin then you should do it! I enjoy modelling, the shoots we did in the house were so fun. And I really love being in front of the camera. It’s definitely something I’d like to do.
Do you have any regrets?
I have no regrets at all! It was all out of my control and there’s nothing I could have done differently. I’m really proud of the way I’ve handled myself.
Who are you closest to in the outside world?
I think Cobie and Elora – mainly Cobie now, which is weird. We see each other nearly every day.
Would you recommend people go on the Bachelor?
100%, it was the best experience ever. It really was the best thing I’ve ever done.
Simone and Elora were besties in the house.