Holy beaver! The Bachelor's Matty J was in a tampon ad

We're quite literally clutching our pearls.

Well, holy mother of Osher.
Dear Matthew David Johnson, aka Matty J, aka The Bachelor Australia 2017 is no stranger to TV.
And we're talking BEFORE Georgia Love.
The man, who is on a real-life quest for love, graced our screens back in a time when Mr Gunsberg was still known as Andrew G, and shows like Glee filled your evenings with bliss...
Miley was moving her hips like yeah.
Yes, we're talking about the year 2009.
He may not have been an official bachelor, but Matty still had girls squealing.
Back then he was a shaggy-haired 22-year-old, and he was "getting them ladies" with his impressive filmography.
We can hear you pondering, "What did MJ possibly star in?"
A Kotex U tampon commercial... You know the one, it had a beaver.
Actual footage of us scouring the ends of the earth for the footage...
You can watch the commercial in the video player above!
"It aired on MTV and a few friends recognised it, but it’s safe to say I was never stopped in the street!” Matty laughed when we asked him about TV debut.
Does Mrs Johnson aka The Bachelor Australia 2017 final rose holder know about her man's impressive resume?
“I don’t think she is aware of it, so when she reads this it will 
be a little bit enlightening for her!”
Don't worry babe, she has to stay with you for at least 18 months.
Matty J, man of the people and all round hunk, may have a wickedly good back catalogue behind, but the 30-year-old has faced his fair share of body image issues.
Much like Mr Will Smith, who had surgery to pin back his ears, Matthew also suffered from a case of big ears.
The 30-year-old recently shared his intimate secret with Kyle and Jackie O.
"I used to have wingnut ears. I pinned them back," he bravely opened up to the radio duo.
"In high school I was pimply and pretty gangly."
The model was questioned whether he had dipped any other part of his gloriously toned body in the surgical world, to which he quipped, "Just the Dumbo ears!"
Teenage Matty... You did just fine!
This is not the first time the Bach-man has touched on his "ugly duckling" days.
"I was pretty skinny and weedy in high school — I had really bad acne as well," he told the Daily Telegraph.
"I had to go to a lady to see my skin. I also had a growth spurt really quickly and so I was kind of gangly and with pimples."
If you ever questioned if fairy tales do come true... MJ blossomed into such a hunk of specimen that he's literally being paid to have women chase him.
This guy has been through A LOT.

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