The Bachelor’s Simone Ormesher regrets getting breast implants

The stunning blonde now says natural is best.
Simone Ormesher The Bachelor

Simone's not buying it...

Simone Ormesher has been the centre of media attention ever since photos of her working as a topless waitress were plastered all over the internet.

And now The Bachelor contestant is opening up to TV WEEK about her insecurities and why she decided to get breast implants.

“When I was younger, I really lacked confidence,” the 25-year-old explains of her decision to go under the knife.

“I wasn’t feeling comfortable in myself so that’s why I decided to get them done. And actually my ex-boyfriend paid for them.”

Now, three years later, the office administrator from Victoria admits she wishes that she’d never had them done.

“I don’t know, I think the older you get the more you start to accept your body,” Simone says.

“Now I don’t really like them anymore. My tops don’t really fit me and I think natural looks better.”

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Infact, Simone says she’s even considered having her breast implants removed.

“I’ve spoken to some of my friends about it but I don’t know what would happen. Would they then be saggy?” she laughs.

Simone’s surgery confession comes just days after she opened up to TV WEEK about her treatment on the reality show by fellow bachelorettes Leah and Jen.

“I spent most of my time crying in the mansion,” Simone says.

“I just couldn’t believe grown women could act that way. I was shocked.”

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Meanwhile, architecture student Leah, 24, says Simone’s off-screen behaviour made her an easy target.

“I found her incredibly difficult to live with,” Leah recalls.

“Simone would overreact to everything. She would yell and scream at the drop of a hat. I tried to bait her a lot to do it (overreact) in front of the camera.”

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