The most memorable moments of The Bachelor Australia, 2017

Sausages, missed kisses and awkward dancing are just some of the highlights.

By Alex McCarthy
This season of The Bachelor Australia has been a drama filled one, to say the least!
From the formation of a mean girls group - containing Jen Hawke, Sian Kelly and Leah Costa - to the cute and quirky antics of Tara Pavlovic and Cobie Frost, we have rounded up 10 of our favourite moments from this series.

1. Elora’s entrance to The Bachelor mansion

Elora's fire-twirling brought big attention
Elora Tahiti certainly made an entrance to The Bachelor - and it was a fiery one at that!
The Tahitian beauty kicked the series off with a bang when she came into the first cocktail party fire twirling.

2. When Matty rejected Leah’s kiss

Remember when Matty was forced to sit with Leah Costa on a motorbike for a photo shoot? And she tried to kiss him but he promptly pulled away?
Yeah, it was pretty awkward but amazing to watch.

3. When Liz called Jen’s dress “putrid”

These two weren't on the best of terms
What a debacle this was! Tensions were already high on the first very night, but things spun out of control when Jen Hawke (right) heard Liz Duncan refer to Jen’s white dress as “putrid”.
The comment made Jen cry and got all of the ladies off to a bad start.

4. Cobie’s reaction to EVERYTHING

Cobie was overjoyed by EVERYTHING.
Cobie Frost (right) might just be the most excitable person in the entire world!
Her bubbly nature coupled with her extremely expressive facial expressions made Cobie unforgettable.

5. When Jen had to dress up as a lifeguard for a photo shoot

There are no words for this one.

6. When Matty attempted to belly dance

A+ for trying, Matty
We get that Matty was trying to be cute and funny in front of Tara Pavlovic, but this was just plain odd.

7. When Sharlene’s attempt to gain Matty’s attention backfired

The most awkward exit ever
What started as a joke, ended up with Sharlene Mik being booted from the mansion by Matty, after he revealed that he didn’t think a romantic connection would develop between the pair. Ouch!

8. Tara and the sausage

A girl's gotta eat
Tara basically won over the whole nation when she took a sausage along to her chat with Matty.
No one comes between a girl and her food, not even Matty.

9. When Elora tried to kiss Matty at the cocktail party

Elora's attempted kiss caused a big stir in the house
Matty wasn't smiling when Elora pulled him away from the other ladies and attempted to plant a kiss on him during a cocktail party.
He wasn’t having any of it and Elora was sent packing not long after.

10. When Matty drew Laura and did a pretty shocking job

Another A+ for trying
On their first single date, Matty and Laura Byrne were taken to a picturesque location to do some drawing.
Matty’s attempt to draw Laura wasn’t a great one, but his excitement was pretty adorable.

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