EXCLUSIVE: What the final three Bachelorettes think about getting married to Matty

Who will be the last lady standing?

By Tiffany Dunk
We're down to the final three Bachelorettes - Laura Byrne, Tara Pavlovic and Elise Stacy . But who will win Matty Johnson's heart? Before the penultimate episode of The Bachelor Australia on Thursday night, read what the ladies believe their life with Matty might look like.

Tara Pavlovic

Tara wants to tie the knot - just not yet.
Just like Matty, Tara Pavlovic is ready to start a family. She also admits she’s developing very strong feelings for the hunky Bachelor.
But should he decide to bring out an engagement ring at the final rose ceremony, Tara says all bets are off.
“Oh, God, if he did that at the end I’d probably have to say no,” the nanny from Queensland’s Gold Coast says.
“I don’t think you can know someone fully from this show. It’s the weirdest thing to make that commitment to someone you don’t know off camera.”
Still, a wedding is something Tara hopes to have down the track. And if it happens to be with Matty, she says that’d be the icing on the cake.
“I’d definitely need a great dress, because I do love my clothes,” she says of her dream day. “Good dress, good food, but nothing too fancy.”
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Elise Stacy

Elise wasn't in a rush to make an impression on Matty.
Elise Stacy flew under the radar for most of the season.
But the former Aussie hockey player says her late run never had her worried.
“Even though I got my single date quite late, it’s not really about time,” she tells TV WEEK. “It’s about the connection you have.”
Being forced to talk about having kids and getting married on a first date may not come naturally. But for Elise, it cemented the fact she knew she could have found “the one”.
“If you had that conversation in the real world, you’d sound like a stage-five clinger,” the Western Australian-based marketing executive points out.
“But one of the things that caught us both off-guard is that we’re very similar in what we want in life and the things we value.”
So, should all go to plan, what would her wedding day to Matty look like?
“I’m a massive believer that a wedding has to be a combo between you and your partner,” Elise says.
“Something casual and intimate is more my vibe than the whole big shebang formal ceremony.”
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Laura Byrne

Laura has fallen in love with Matty.
It was during hometown visits in The Bachelor Australia that Laura Byrne realised she’d fallen hard for Matty Johnson – and it terrified her.
“Yes, I’m definitely in love,” the fan favourite tells TV WEEK.
“I know I want to be with Matty, but I’m also fully accepting that he’s not mine to take. The thought of him not choosing me is devastating.”
Laura’s not one for fuss or fanfare, so if the pair were to wed, it would be an intimate, low-key event.
“For me, it’s not about the wedding, it’s about the marriage,” the down-to-earth Sydneysider says. “I’ve never thought about the dress I’m going to have or that sort of thing. I just want to do it with the people I love.”
But there is one small request.
“If I got engaged, I’d want him to give me the stone, so we could design the ring around it together,” the accessories designer explains.

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