Seven Year Switch's Stacey Louise on her raunchy past... with Bachelor Blake!

The reality show contestant says there was “definite chemistry” between her and the former Bachelor star.

By Carrissa Lawrie
Seven Year Switch star Stacey Louise

Seven Year Switch stunner Stacey Louise isn’t shy when it comes to the cameras.

The 36-year-old previously hit our screens to appear on Blake Garvey’s 2014 season of The Bachelor, and says she and the disgraced reality star did hit it off on the show.

“[There was] definite chemistry [between us],” she says. “I [couldn’t] wait to go to the rose ceremonies and have a little bit of eye contact with him.”

Stacey has also hit the pages of several men’s mags and feels “blessed” to be baring her smoking-hot bod in tiny bikinis, after losing an incredible 32kg.“I feel really confident now. I was so depressed and I did a lot of emotional eating,” she admits.

“I tried every diet under the sun, but the only thing that worked for me was to eat clean food and train,” she tells.

In fact, so pleased was Stacey with her transformation that she “treated” herself to breast implants.

“It was my reward to myself after reaching my goal weight,” she tells OK!, adding, “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

On Seven Year Switch to mend the rift with her partner Sarge, 42, the personal trainer hopes they can fix their issues and possibly get married one day.

“I love being married. I’ve been married before to my teenage love,” she shares. “We got married when I was 25 and we were married for seven years, but we grew apart and [the separation] wasn’t easy, but we had different dreams.”

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