Seven Year Switch reunion episode: proposals and shock split

Last night's reunion episode of Seven Year Switch had many highs and lows!
The Seven Year Switch

Last night’s reunion episode of Seven Year Switch had plenty of ups and downs – with a shock split and a proposal!

First, we’ll start with the sad news before we get to the good news.

Michelle and Jason went on the experimental partner-swapping show to revive their relationship but unfortunately it didn’t pay off.

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In an emotional moment on the show last night, Michelle broke down in tears and announced she and Jason had ended their engagement.

“We went back to our lives and put all the things we learned into practise,” she said.

“We tried, but at the end of the day, we decided to separate. It got to the stage where we looked at each other and we couldn’t try anymore.”

“We were just suffering under each other’s pressure.”

Jason added that they made every attempt to get things back on track.

“I was trying everything I can honestly say I’ve tried everything possible.”

“But we got to the point where we talked about it and realised that the best thing for us to do was separate.”

Michelle struggled throughout the experience.

He continued: “We don’t blame the show for why we separated. Our relationship has actually improved.”

Michelle agreed, saying: “We spend more quality time together now than what we did before.

She added: “I love Jason with all my heart and I still do.”

They have two children together, Elijah, four, and Indiana, one.

While Michelle and Jason parted ways, fans hoped Brad and Tallena would follow suit. But they’ve since confirmed that they’re happily married.

But while one relationship sadly ended, another is blossoming more than ever.

Despite serious tensions during the show between Tim and Jackie, Tim got down on one knee on the show last night and popped the question during a romantic stroll on the beach in the Gold Coast.

But it wasn’t a sparkling ring he pulled out, it was a piece of paper!

Watch the bizarre proposal below

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“It’s a voucher for a tattoo, a tattoo ring,” he said when he put the fake ring on her finger.

It was yesterday confirmed she was pregnant and is now at 25 weeks.

This story originally appeared on Australian Women’s Weekly

Jackie was proudly sporting a huge baby bump!

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