It's the final kiss from the rose... Seal isn't doing The Voice 2018

That's a mighty big chair to fill!

By Chloe Lal
Signed, sealed and definitely not delivered... Delta Goodrem's partner in crime is leaving her behind.
This week, Channel Nine confirmed along with Delta, Kelly Rowland, and Boy George will be back on their spinning red chairs for the seventh season of The Voice next year.
Sadly, it would seem our favourite quick-witted British crooner Seal has jumped ship and won't be back.
Seal's out!
Kelly, Sonia and Delta were out in full force at the Channel 9 upfronts this week.
Seal was nowhere to be seen when Channel 9 hosted their upfront event in Sydney on Wednesday, October 11th but Delta, Kelly and Sonia were out in full force.
Back in July, following this year's finale, TV insiders claimed Seal could be difficult to deal with.
“He spent the whole season lording his previous wins over everyone, saying, ‘I’m a superstar and I want things done my way,’ ” a source told *Woman's Day.
And his frosty relationship with coaches Kelly Rowland and Boy George didn’t help.
“Everyone loved working with Kelly and Boy George,” the source explained at the time, adding Seal, 54, often felt like the odd one out.
Who will be joining Delta as the fourth judge?
Delta will undoubtedly miss working with Seal.
Meanwhile, Sonia Kruger will also return as the show's resident host.
The network doesn't seem too concerned about filling Seal's shoes, tantalising us with clues about the mysterious fourth judge.
Sharing an album on Instagram with the new line up, commenting on the newest member, they simply wrote, "Stay tuned for coach #4"

Fans were quick to share their thoughts on the habitant of the fourth chair, with many looking back at some familiar faces.
Another remarked, "Is Ricky Martin or the Madden brothers coming back?"
While some enlisted new names like Aussie legends John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes.
And then there were those who went all out with their suggestions of Pink and Mariah Carey.
One fan penned, "Always hoped Keith [Urban] would be back."
Fans would love a familiar face like past judges, Keith Urban and Joel (pictured) and Benji Madden.