The dazzling WAGs of Playing For Keeps are back in play with more sex, lies and football

The ladies are back in the game!

By Maddison Hockey
Off-season is officially over for our favourite AFL team as the Southern Jets, and their glamorous wives and girlfriends, return for a second season of drama Playing For Keeps.
While the team rally to make the premiership after a dramatic last season, the show's true MVPs – Tahlia (Olympia Valance), Jessie (Isabella Giovinazzo), Paige (Cece Peters), Kath (Madeleine West) and Maddy (Annie Maynard) – are kicking their own goals. And, of course, navigating all the locker-room secrets and scandals along the way.
The Playing For Keeps season one grand final had us on the edge of our seats, both cheering and yelling as if we were in the crowd at a live AFL game.
The mystery surrounding how Jack (James Mason) died – and who was involved in the cover-up – led to a devastating reveal.
With a heavy conscience, Brian (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) confessed to starting an argument and shoving Jack.
As a result, Jack fell and hit his head. He recovered quickly and seemed OK, but as Brian walked away, Jack collapsed moments later in the nearby river and drowned.
Pre-season training has begun for the Southern Jets.
Southern Jets president Andrew MacLeish (Paul Ireland) was forced to admit his part in covering up the accident. It proved perfect ammunition for Kath, Maddy and Jessie to force the corrupt leader out of the club for good.
Kath and Brian, meanwhile, had their own drama away from the field as they dealt with both the aftermath and Kath's affair with star player Connor (Jackson Gallagher). The scandal, however, spelt the end of Connor's relationship with an unforgiving Tahlia.
Elsewhere, Paige decided to call time on her relationship with rookie Daniel (George Pullar). After a season sitting on the sidelines in her own life and relationship, the teacher decided to put herself first, leaving for Europe. It was a trip she and Daniel had long planned, but postponed for his AFL career.
Now, as season two kicks off, six months have passed and there's cause for celebration. Dan's turning 21, and Paige has arrived back from London in time for the party.
Coincidence? We think not, and neither do the WAGs. But she assures the ladies her ex is not the reason for her return. Rather, she's been offered her dream teaching role.
"She's welcomed back after an amazing time overseas," Cece tells TV WEEK. "She moves her flights around to come back early for Dan's 21st, but she's not planning on getting back together with him, of course."
The ladies celebrate Paige's return.
There's little time for Paige to worry about her first reunion with Dan because there's too much to catch up on.
Kath has become a board member at the Southern Jets in place of her husband Brian who, still dealing with Jack's death, takes a break.
"She spent the past 20 years of her life deeply entrenched in the football world," Madeleine, 39, says of her character, "So how does she move up a level in that world? She gets behind the scenes in a meaningful way."
With Brian stepping away from coaching and Kath taking up a position on the board, Travis (Kevin Hofbauer) takes over as club coach, inadvertently landing Maddy the duties that come with being the coach's wife.
Brian and Kath adjust to their new lives.
Maddie's first task is to welcome Southern Jets newcomer Liam (Ben Chapple) and his girlfriend Kendall (Jess Bush).
The intended warm welcome doesn't go to plan, however, as Kendall and Jessie get off to a sour start.
Soon, it becomes clear that reckless and brash Kendall could cause trouble for the club.
Meanwhile, a newly single Tahlia is still part of the football scene despite her split from Connor. And she seems to have her eye on the Southern Jets new recruit, Liam.
"She's doing just fine," Olympia says, "She's really embracing single life!"
Tahlia has her eyes on Liam.
PLAYING FOR KEEPS returns Wednesday 16th of October, 8.40pm, on 10.

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