Peter Stefanovic caught in Sydney’s wild weather

Former foreign correspondent Peter Stefanovic has reported from war zones around the world, but nothing could prepare him for Sydney’s wild weather.

By Chloe Lal
The respected TV reporter was crossing live from Bondi Beach back to the Today Show, when he became a victim of the ferocious wind and rain.
“On some parts of the coast the winds exceeded about 95 kilometres an hour,” he said to the camera, barely audible as the ferocious gusts tried to knock him over.
Ever the professional, Peter was determined to continue his piece to camera.
“It’s so strong, it feels like you’re in the middle of a sand storm because of the sand that kicks up on the beach.”
Despite the gloomy weather, Karl Stefanovic’s younger brother maintained his upbeat attitude – which could all be thanks to his girlfriend and fellow Nine reporter, Sylvia Jeffreys.
The high-profile pair began dating after hosting The Today Show together over the Christmas holidays in 2013 and their relationship has been going from strength-to-strength
Watch Peter Stefanovic endure Sydney’s wild weather in the video player above.

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