EXCLUSIVE: McLeod’s Daughters’ beloved couple Bridie Carter & Myles Pollard are reuniting for an exciting new gig

The romance lives on!

By Helen Vnuk
McLeod's fans rejoice! Bridie Carter and Myles Pollard are getting back together on screen – finally.
The two McLeod's Daughters stars will be playing a married couple in a romance movie called A Walk In The Park.
"It's a love story remembered, essentially," Bridie, 49, tells TV WEEK.
A Walk In The Park will be the first movie to come out of Bridie and Myles's new production company, Homeland Entertainment.
Nick and Tess were a fan favourite. (Supplied)
The duo, who played Tess McLeod and Nick Ryan in the hugely popular rural drama, have been working together in recent years to organise McLeod's live reunions. They had plans for more reunions, till COVID put a stop to that back in March.
"Then the next thought was, 'Hang on a minute. We have to reach out. Somehow we have to take a story out to the world, but how the hell do we do that?'" Bridie remembers.
"I'm at the most eastern point of Australia and he's in WA and we weren't allowed to travel, so I said, 'Why don't we see if we could get the rights to something and maybe somehow you could shoot yours and I could shoot mine?'"
We can't wait to see these two reunite. (Supplied)
Through a "bizarre" set of circumstances, a New York playwright and McLeod's fan, Robert Lewis Vaughan, got in touch to say he'd written a play for them."We're like, 'What the hell?'" Bridie remembers. "So we got this and it's a beautiful play. We're adapting it to the screen."
For fans who can't wait till the movie's 2021 release to see Bridie and Myles again, the two are launching Homeland Entertainment on December 20. In a livestreamed event, they'll talk about A Walk In The Park, as well as their time on McLeod's and other TV shows.
"We were cast opposite each other on McLeod's all those years ago, and now here we are, business partners," Bridie says. "I could not have foreseen that, ever."
Tickets for the Homeland Entertainment launch available here.

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