EXCLUSIVE: Magda Szubanski weighs in on the rumoured Kath and Kim reboot

This calls for BBQ shapes and a bottle of Tia Maria!

By Alana Mazzoni
More than 20 years after hitting our screens for the first time, Kath and Kim remains one of the most beloved Aussie TV shows of all time.
Fans of the foxy ladies of Fountain Lakes have been calling for its return ever since its final episode back in 2007. In fact, just last week, rumours began circulating that a reboot of the iconic comedy is in the works.
So naturally, to find out if the speculation is true, TV WEEK went straight to the source, AKA Magda Szubanski.
Fans of Kath and Kim have been calling for its return ever since its final episode back in 2007. (Image: ABC)
When asked if she had any intel on the potential reboot, Magda, who played national icon Sharon Strzelecki, responded with some very subtle but promising teasers.
"If I did I couldn't possibly tell you. If I did, I'd have to kill you and your publishers and everyone else," she laughed. "It would be a blood bath!"
When asked whether she would take part if approached by producers, Magda got even more tight-lipped.
"Again, I can neither confirm or deny!" she said.
Magda played fan-favourite Sharon Strzelecki. (Image: Getty)
Back in 2018, Magda didn't rule out the show's eventual return, saying: "Never say never."
"I'm getting a lot of reaction on Twitter from people who are catching it on Netflix."
Series co-creator Jane Turner, who played Kath called Kath and Kim "a great experience" but confessed the cult show would need to be updated and modernised for it to rival the success of the original.
"It would be very different now. There are always funny new trends and things Kath and Kim could put their spin on, which would be fun to do," Jane said at the time.
Magda chatted with TV WEEK at the Logies on Sunday night. (Image: Getty)
However, in May 2021 said she wasn't too keen on creating a brand new fifth season of Kath and Kim.
"I think it should be off the table... It holds such a special place in people's memories," she told The Kyle and Jackie O Show.
"If we did a live show, which was a "best of" or something like that, that's different. But to actually try and do a whole new series, I think you can never capture that magic again."
In the meantime, Magda has plenty of other television work to focus on until she (hopefully) puts Sharon's netball uniform back on.
The 61-year-old is set to star alongside Home and Away alum Lincoln Younes in a new dramedy called The Verdict coming to Nine later this year.
"There's lots of serious moments but lots of funny moments too. It's about four jurors who - after they give their verdict - they start to have second thoughts wondering if they got it right," she teased.
"So they decide that they have to pursue justice themselves. It's totally crazy, but in another way, it makes sense!"
The beloved comedian also recently landed a new ABC's documentary, Magda's National Health Check, where she embarks on a personal journey to discover what health looks like in Australia today.
"It's something I'm very interested in. I've been doing a fair bit of work, I'm an ambassador for Phoenix Australia, in terms of levels of trauma within the community but this is about the state of the nation's health generally so it's exciting," she told TV WEEK.
"What's interesting about it is that it helps give awareness and understanding to ordinary Australians about what are the things, you know, you feel that you're individually responsible for your health but there are a lot of structural things as well."
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