Kath and Kim: What happened to TV's biggest foxy ladies?

After years of hard work, close friends Gina Riley and Jane Turner are putting their feet up and cracking open the "kardonnay."

By Woman's Day team
They shot to fame thanks to the phrase "Look at moi", but when it comes to their personal lives, Jane Turner and Gina Riley – the women who starred as foxy ladies Kath and Kim – would much prefer we MYOB (for those who aren't fans, that's mind your own business!).
Jane, 60, and Gina, who will celebrate her 60th birthday in May, have retreated from the public eye since their hit sitcom left our screens in 2007, and these days they're much more comfortable being housewives than hornbags.
Still, according to friends, they remain incredibly close, and behind closed doors it's always a laugh a minute between them.
"The latest joke is that Gina and Jane have morphed into their most celebrated characters, Prue and Trude, as they've both swapped their hair colour and blowouts for no-nonsense silver hair," a source told Woman's Day in 2021.
The foxy ladies, then and now! (Images: ABC, Getty)
Indeed, in late December, Gina appeared on social media in a photo shared by her daughter Maggie McKenna, 24, in which she showed off her new look, much to the delight of fans.
"Gina Riley is now rocking the grey/silver hair better than Trude," one fan commented on the photo, in which the star poses alongside Maggie, now an actress herself, and her husband Rick McKenna.
"They still love catching up and talking about the skits they would do if they could still get away with them," our source adds.
"One of the women confessed to their close friends that they would be arrested and thrown in jail if anyone was listening into their conversations!"
Family bliss: Gina, pictured with husband Rick McKenna and their daughter, actress Maggie McKenna. (Image: Instagram)
And it seems the pair will likely have even more time to catch up in the coming months, as they both settle in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.
"As their children are now grown up, there isn't the need to be 'in town' – with school runs and sport pick-ups being swapped for lattes and belly laughs," our insider tells of Gina and Jane, who is married to the secretary general of the International Chamber of Commerce, John Denton, with whom she shares three children – daughter Anna, a successful model and sons Nicholas and Rupert.
Jane Turner, now 60, is enjoying a low-key life out of the spotlight. (Image: Getty)
"It's lovely," our source adds. "The girls are closer than ever."
Kath & Kim aired for four seasons, but the ladies have since gained a legion of new fans thanks to Netflix, which brought their "noice, different, unusual" comedy to the world of streaming.
Gina and Jane have previously spoken of their incredible closeness during writing.
"We tried to have an office once, but we just couldn't do it," Gina once said, revealing the pair instead wrote at Jane's house and would often get distracted.
"I'll go, 'Do you want a coffee?'" Jane added. "Or, 'What about lunch? It's 10.30am. Let's have lunch.'"
New fan base: Kath & Kim aired for four seasons, but the ladies have since gained a legion of new fans thanks to it being streamed on Netflix. (Image: Getty)

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