Jamie Oliver learns the secrets of Italian Nonnas in Channel 10's new series

Everything you need to know about the delicious new TV show

By Tina Burke
Jamie Oliver is back with – no prizes for guessing – another cooking show!
The celebrity chef is taking on the delicious and varied cuisines of Italy with the help of the nation's greatest cooks: Italian Nonnas.
In order to get to the heart of Italian cooking and unlock its greatest secrets, Jamie is enlisting the help of a group of Nonnas, who hail from Sicily to Naples.
Jamie will be heading to beloved Italian locations to find the best recipes for perfect pasta dishes, succulent slow roasts and sensational seafood.
Jamie Oliver and Nonna Marla.
The new Italian-inspired series comes as no surprise to fans of Jamie, whose most recent cook book was Jamie Cooks Italy, a 400-page cook book with recipes inspired by Nonnas.
"So the idea of this book was to go around Italy to reference the last generation of Nonnas and get their wisdom and their inspiration," Jamie explained on Twitter.
"All the Nonnas were concerned that the next generation of Italians were not cooking the same as their generation so they were really passionate about us, me and Gennaro, sharing these recipes on TV and getting people excited about food again."
The cover of Jamie's most recent cook book.
The chef also had a one-off Christmas Special in 2017 called Jamie's Italian Feast, and his series Jamie Cooks Italy has been a hit with viewers in 2018.
We can't to see what's in store when Jamie introduces us to the Italian Nonnas.
Jamie And The Nonnas premieres Wednesday 21 November at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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