“Is he my father?” Home And Away’s Ziggy questions Maggie over shock paternity scandal

The truth threatens to tear the Astoni family apart.

By Tamara Cullen
Marco hasn't arrived in Summer Bay to play happy families. In fact, his intention to blackmail Maggie is set to implode when she decides to reveal the truth of her affair with him – and in doing so, risk losing her family.
In Home And Away this week, school teacher Maggie (Kestie Morassi) decides to bring things to a head by outing herself.
Her brother-in-law Marco (Tim Walter) recently pitched a business idea to her husband Ben (Rohan Nichol). It's a dodgy deal that will surely drain their finances, but Ben, who wants to mend things with his estranged brother, foolishly agrees.
Maggie knows she needs to put a stop to it, but Marco is threatening to tell Ben of their illicit affair.
Could Marco be Ziggy's father? Image: Supplied
When Ben arrives home, Maggie sits him down and tells him the truth: before they were married, during a brief period when Ben and Maggie had broken up, she slept with Marco.
Ben is gutted. Without a word, he storms out of the house. Maggie pleads with him to stay and talk, but he can't look her in the eye.
Maggie makes the tough decision to tell her eldest daughter Ziggy (Sophie Dillman). But she doesn't tell her everything…
"Ben is shattered. Ziggy is shattered. But so is Maggie," Sophie tells TV WEEK. "Technically, no-one did anything wrong in that she didn't cheat and they had broken up, but it's the lie she carried with her."
Ben can't believe Maggie and Marco's betrayal. Image: Supplied
Ziggy, unaware of Marco's deception, asks him to help find her father. But when they approach him on the beach, Ben lunges at his brother. A baffled Ziggy attempts to separate the men.
Ziggy and Marco give Ben time to cool off and head to the Diner, where Marco explains things to Ziggy. He says he always loved Maggie, but chose to step away when he learnt she'd returned to Ben and was expecting a baby in nine months time.
The words ring in Ziggy's ears as she contemplates what it all means. Could Marco be her real dad?
"Ziggy feels awful because she pushed Ben to rekindle the relationship with his brother," Sophie says.
"But Marco has destroyed that in one visit. Whatever the answer, the big question will forever be: how do you come back from something like this?"
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Ari and Mackenzie’s relationship heats up

The Parata family have caused a stir ever since they arrived in Summer Bay. But not everyone is upset by them being there.
Mackenzie (Emily Weir) has been getting to know Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) thanks to his daily visits to Salt and turns on the charm.
This week, their flirting leads them to spent the night together in his caravan. It's fun, carefree, and exactly what Mackenzie is looking for right now.
"She doesn't regret it," Emily tells TV WEEK. "She enjoys the freedom of sleeping with Ari – it's uncomplicated and fun. It makes her feel like she's found her swagger again and she enjoys the breath of fresh air."
Mac finds Ari easy to be with. Image: Supplied
The next day, John (Shane Withington) spots Mackenzie leaving Ari's caravan. He's had it in for the Paratas from day one and hurries off to tell his wife Marilyn (Emily Symons) what he's seen.
Meanwhile, Mackenzie's ex, policeman Colby (Tim Franklin) has grand plans to win her back.
Will she tell him about her night with Ari? Or will he find out?
"Mac doesn't know if it's over with Colby for good, but she's starting to see she feels a lot better when she isn't pining after him," Emily says.

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