Home and Away’s bombshell exit! Will Ziggy leave Summer Bay for her dream job?

Will Ziggy’s dream job put the breaks on her relationship with Dean?

By Maddison Hockey
Ziggy has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime on Home and Away – to trial as a pit-crew mechanic for a racing team.
The dream job, however, means she'll have to leave Summer Bay, and boyfriend Dean isn't happy about it!
Dean (Patrick O'Connor) is furious that the first he's heard of Ziggy's (Sophie Dillman) opportunity is from her mum Maggie (Kestie Morassi).
Ziggy apologises for hiding the truth, but explains she was scared to tell him, since the decision affects them both and should be as much Dean's as it is hers.
Ziggy asks for Dean's blessing, but the young surf instructor doesn't hold back in declaring he wants his girlfriend to remain in Summer Bay.
"She's torn between her heart and her dream job," Sophie, 26, tells TV WEEK.
Dean and Ziggy argue about her dream to leave the Bay. Image: Channel Seven
Ziggy agrees to stay, but when she tells Maggie and her dad Ben (Rohan Nichol), her parents aren't impressed.
Maggie finds Dean and warns him that stopping Ziggy from pursuing her dream is selfish and could lead to resentment.
Feeling guilty about what he'd said, Dean arrives at the garage to find Ben encouraging his daughter not to let the amazing opportunity pass her by.
Dean feels he has no choice but to set aside his own feelings and tell Ziggy to pursue the try-outs. She's thrilled and immediately leaves for the racetrack.
"This is potentially the most exciting job she could have," Sophie explains.
A crestfallen Dean is left to confide in Ben that he fears it won't be long before Ziggy leaves him for good.
Maggie and Ben want Ziggy to pursue her dreams. Image: Channel Seven
Later, when Dean starts to miss his girlfriend a lot, he phones to see how her trial is going. But Ziggy, under pressure to perform from her supervisor Kurt (Dylan Hare), misses his calls.
After she becomes friends with driver Alana (Erin Clare), the racing ace pushes Ziggy to persevere through the gruelling tests. Ziggy is surprised to learn Kurt and Alana aren't just teammates, they're a couple too.
Alana advises Ziggy that nothing should get in the way of her passion for the racetrack, including love.
"She's there to work, and work hard," Sophie explains.
But when Dean turns up at the racetrack unannounced, his surprise isn't well received. In fact, Ziggy is furious. Uh-oh!
Ziggy leaves the Bay for her dream job. Image: Channel Seven
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm on Channel Seven.
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