Home and Away's Lynne McGranger on getting her second tattoo at 65

'My partner saw what I was going through and bailed...'

Home and Away's Lynne McGranger appeared on The Morning Show earlier today, where she covered everything from her 25th year acting on the soap opera, to getting her second tattoo at the age of 65.
Hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies questioned the actress about her new ink, asking why she had it done.
"We went to Hawaii at Easter for my partner Paul's 60th," she reveals. "We'd already said, 'when we're over there, why don't the whole family get tattoos'?"
Lynne decided on a palm tree tattoo, which sits on her left thigh. It's actually her second holiday-inspired tattoo, with the actress revealing herself and Paul made a similar decision on a birthday trip to New York five years ago.
"I said to Paul 'I might get a tattoo for my 60th' and I said 'why don't you get one too' and he's like 'yeah, okay.' I got an apple on my ankle, but he saw what I was going through and he bailed."
Lynne continues, "but he did get one in Hawaii!"
The actress joked she would continue the holiday theme, saying "I might go to Germany and get a schnitzel somewhere."

The show's hosts questioned if her Home and Away character, Irene Roberts, would ever get a tattoo.
"Look she could, but I think she'd have to fall off the wagon for a few months and come back with a big sleeve or something like that."
Larry and Kylie also congratulated the actress on her 25th year on the hit series.
Lynne is the second longest serving female cast member of a television soap opera in Australia, and second longest serving actor in a series behind her co-star Ray Meagher.
Of her long-running role, the 65-year-old star said she's 'won' the acting lottery.
"It's lovely, as I say every time people ask me about it, I've won the acting lottery. What can I say? I have a wonderful character who I love very much.
"She has the high times, the low times, the good, and the bad. She started off as a raging alcoholic and has turned to be sage. She's human and that's why I love her. She can fall off the wagon, she can turn, she loves her kids and I love her."

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