Murder in Summer Bay: Will Ebony go too far this week on Home and Away?

Look out, Robbo!

Robbo's suspicion about Ebony puts him in grave danger this week when the master manipulator schemes to get rid of him for good.
In this week's gripping episodes of Home And Away, Ebony (Cariba Heine) attempts to poison the former federal agent during a spontaneous date. But will her evil plan work?
While the clever crim appears to have fooled the entire town, Robbo (Jake Ryan) isn't buying into her charm.
He can't help but feel something isn't right about her – and his instincts are spot-on. He's determined to get closer to her in an effort to learn the truth.
"Have you ever seen a cat playing with a mouse instead of ending its misery? That's Ebony," Cariba, 29, tells TV WEEK of her character's mindset.
Robbo 'gets close' to Ebony in an effort to learn the truth.
At the Diner, Ebony spies Colby (Tim Franklin) and Robbo together. They're discussing Colby's future on the force. The local policeman was suspended from duty after his past as a River Boy mysteriously came to light.
Colby can't think who would expose him, but fans know better. It was all part of Ebony's plan to ruin his life for killing her brother Boyd (Steve Le Marquand) during the kidnapping ordeal.
"She's absorbed a way of moving through the world that causes a lot of pain to anyone who has the misfortune of being in her path," Cariba says.
Robbo thinks it's strange how Colby's life has imploded ever since Ebony arrived in Summer Bay. He warns his flatmate to stay away from her. Colby disagrees, but admits it is odd. Nearby, Ebony seethes as she listens in. Eventually, Robbo and Colby leave.
Ebony seizes the opportunity to approach John (Shane Withington). She persuades him to reveal information about Robbo's past. Luckily, Alf (Ray Meagher) intervenes with a caution about being a snoop.
The next day, Robbo approaches Ebony and demands to know why she's asking about him. The brunette feigns remorse and shyly admits it's because she likes him.
"Ebony flirts with Robbo to try to distract him from thinking that there's anything sinister going on," Tim, 27, explains.
Robbo decides to play along and suggests they go on a date. Is he playing with fire?
Ebony and Robo are pretending to like each other.
At Robbo's apartment that evening, Ebony arrives to finish what she started. After some phony flirting and banter, Ebony heads to the kitchen.
When Robbo isn't looking, she pulls out a vial of poison and tips the liquid into his glass of champagne.
A nervous Ebony waits for Robbo to take a sip.
Uh-oh – don't do it, Robbo!
Ebony adds poison to Robbo's glass.
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, Channel Seven.

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