Home and Away’s Jade stirs up more trouble for Ryder with Summer Bay’s newest resident

She’s a devil in disguise!

By TV Week team
There's a handsome new face in Summer Bay and it looks as though troublesome Jade is already sinking her hooks into him – is he about to become her next victim?
With the sex-tape allegations still hanging over Ryder's (Lukas Radovich) head, a run-in at the beach with Jade (Mia Morrissey) – the woman responsible for the false allegation – results in a terse argument.
When Ryder (left) sees Jade (pictured) wooing a new guy, he decides to say something. Image: Channel Seven
As the altercation grows, a stranger, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), steps in. Playing the victim once again, Jade asks Nikau to walk her up to the surf lifesaving club and away from Ryder.
There, the couple share a drink and Jade tells Nikau the details – all untrue – of her sex-tape trauma.
As a thank-you for "saving" her from Ryder at the beach, the devious bartender offers to buy Nikau dinner, before sealing the deal with a kiss.
Ryder is not pleased with Jade's actions. Image: Channel Seven
Having witnessed the exchange, Ryder decides to warn Nikau that Jade is big trouble. But his gesture of goodwill quickly turns sour when Nikau tells him to get lost.
The unfriendly response sparks an argument between the young men – until the newcomer decides to throw a punch. Ouch!
Alf and Martha. Image: Channel Seven

Alf’s surprise proposal to Martha

The deadly siege at the hospital that cost the life of Mason has affected the whole Summer Bay community.
For stalwart Alf (Ray Meagher) in particular, it's a stark reminder of the fragility of life. It leads him to make a bold decision in Home And Away this week: he asks Martha (Belinda Giblin) to marry him!
In the wake of the incident, a shaken Alf and Martha reflect on life, vowing to make the most of every moment, not knowing when their time might be cut short.
Alf proposes they hold a vigil for their family and friends. The community comes together in a beautiful candlelight observance.
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A pensive Alf and Martha realise time is short. Image: Channel Seven
"After a rocky road, they got to know each other all over again and rekindle their relationship," Ray, 75, tells TV WEEK.
That is, until, he drops a big – and unexpected – question: he asks Martha to marry him once more.
"He casually drops it on Martha as if asking her to go to a restaurant," Ray explains. "It floors her."
A stunned Martha seems more baffled than elated. Will she say yes?

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