Home and Away love triangle: Will new girl Jade tear Ziggy and Dean apart?

Newcomer Jade sets her sights on Dean in a flirt-fuelled surf lesson

By Maddison Hockey
There's something in the water in Summer Bay that has its newcomers falling in love. But it's not with the place, it's the people. And one in particular – Dean.
The likeable surf instructor captures the attention of backpacker Jade when she comes to town and Ziggy isn't impressed!
The drama picks up in Home And Away this week as Dean (Patrick O'Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) cross paths on the beach. Despite Dean's surf business booming, leaving the young couple with little time for one another lately, their relationship has remained strong – until now.
As Dean begins his next surfing lesson, it's obvious to Ziggy that one of his students, Jade (Mia Morrissey), is flirting up a storm with her boyfriend.
Ryder (Lukas Radovich), who's also in the class, shows a keen interest in Jade, but it becomes apparent she only has eyes for Dean.
Newcomer Jade sets her sights on Dean in a flirt-fuelled surf lesson.
As the lesson comes to a close, Jade's attempts to make a move on her man has Ziggy seeing red. She snaps and tells the newcomer to take a hike.
Horrified to see Ziggy being so rude to one of his students, Dean unleashes at Ziggy in a tense argument.
Confused over Ziggy's outburst, Dean later turns to Willow (Sarah Roberts) – who's just watched the exchange from afar – for advice.
Willow helps Dean see things from Ziggy's point of view – her trust has been damaged thanks to recently having her heart broken by her cheating ex-husband Brody (Jackson Heywood).
Later, Dean again comes across Jade, who continues to flirt with the surfing instructor.
Ziggy worries about the new girl in town.
Realising Ziggy's concerns were well founded, Dean tries to apologise to her. But at the same time he's assuring Ziggy that Jade won't be a problem, Jade is at Salt having a drink with Ryder.
He's keen to keep the newcomer in the Bay, so organises a job at Salt for her, which she's happy to take. It looks like flirty Jade is sticking around!
Will she get over her crush on Dean or will she cause trouble for him and Ziggy?
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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