Pilot Week: Harley Breen’s Taboo was a big hit with viewers

'Welcome to the show about laughing at people, you really shouldn't be laughing at'

By Tina Burke
Network Ten's Pilot Week is well and truly underway, with four new pilots airing over the last few days, and four more to come later this week.
One show, in particular, has stood out amongst the rest with viewers. Comedian Harley Breen's new series Taboo has scored rave reviews from the Australian public.
Based on the wildly popular Belgian series, the pilot of Taboo sends a comedian on holiday with four people with disabilities. After learning more about their unique experiences, the comedian will perform a set about them, in front of them, and their friends and family. And, of course, in front of all the viewers at home watching.
The show has been compared to ABC's You Can't Ask That for broaching 'taboo' topics in a very un-taboo way, however the stand-up routine and comedic aspect is what sets it apart.
At the beginning of the pilot, host Harley explained the show to viewers.
"Welcome to Taboo," he began. "A show about laughing at people, you really shouldn't be laughing at."
He later said he was excited by the unique new series.
"I am so excited and chuffed to be a part of this show, this idea," he told the audience at his comedy gig. "I think it's such a wonderful idea to give people in society that feel like they're invisible and don't have a voice and don't get seen, a vehicle so that they can. And I think it's really great that they've used me because clearly as an able-bodied straight white male, I'm the perfect guy for the job."
In the pilot, Harley spent time with Dee, Jason, Sam and Khoa.
Harley (centre) with (from left) Jason, Dee, Khoa and Sam.
From the emotional back stories of these four individuals, to the more anatomical ins and outs of their disabilities, to the laugh-out-loud moments from Breen's gig, the pilot of Taboo took viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions and they were NOT disappointed by the ride.
The series was praised by viewers online, with Australian Paralympian Dylan Alcott even throwing his support behind the new show.
"One of the best way to change perceptions about something is through emotional and humorous stories. #TabooAU doing a kickarse job at both. Harley Breen killing it. Big congrats to the team!" Dylan wrote.
The 2018 Australian Open winner wasn't the only one singing the show's praises on Twitter, with many fans also sharing their hopes for Ten to pick up the show in 2019...
We hope to see more of Harley Breen and the Taboo series in 2019!
Still to come on Pilot Week is Kinne Tonight, Trial By Kyle, Dave and Bring Back… Saturday Night.

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