What's on during Network Ten’s Pilot Week?

Dave O’Neil and Rove McManus dish on their exciting new TV shows!

By Cynthia Wang
Network Ten's Pilot Week launched on Sunday night, with the network set to air pilots from seven different TV shows over the course of the week.
From sketch shows, to sitcoms, to a new Saturday night variety show, there's a real mixed-bag of shows in store for viewers.
We caught up with Dave O'Neil and Rove McManus to find out more about their shows. Scroll through to the end for our guide on which shows will be airing, and when.

Rove McManus relishes in a return to live TV

Rove McManus has indulged his pop-culture love of late by presiding over Whovians and Show Me The Movie!, but he's returning to basics with his Pilot Week show Bring Back…Saturday Night.
"I'm getting back to what I love doing most: live TV in front of a studio audience," Rove, 44, tells TV WEEK.
This time, Rove says he wants his variety format, which airs at 7.30pm on Saturday on Network Ten, to "introduce more established names to a younger audience".
"But I'm also excited by the idea of having lots of new faces, some of which we've found specifically for this show," he says.
The show, which will be filmed live, will be the only pilot on Pilot Week to be made as it's going to air.
"It's thrilling because we won't even have access to our studio until the day, or the afternoon, of the show," says Rove.
"We can't go back and do it again. We can't add laughter that doesn't exist. We can't fix it after the fact. It's just going to be what it's going to be. I think that just adds an extra level of thrill to the audience."
Rove with his Show Me The Movie! co-stars Joel Creasey and Jane Harber.

Funnyman Dave O’Neil spills on his new sitcom

Among the eight shows Network Ten is testing out during Pilot Week, Dave – a 30-minute scripted look at the personal life of comedian Dave O'Neil – may just have what it takes to make it to the 2019 primetime line-up.
"I'm the only sitcom," Dave, 53, tells. "It's very personal stories about my own life, so it's based on my life as a stand-up and a dad. I'm actually pretty much playing myself."
Known for livening up panel shows such as Tractor Monkeys and Spicks And Specks, he adds, "My kids have watched it, so it's a family-friendly show. It's not rude and there is no swearing or anything."
Dave with his on-screen wife, Emily, and their kids, played by Kieran Cochrane and Mariah Cini.
Joining him will be comedians appearing as themselves. They include Glenn Robbins, Dave Hughes and regulars Emily Taheny (from Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell), as Dave's wife, and Dilruk Jayasinha (Utopia, Cram!), winner of this year's TV WEEK Graham Kennedy Logie Award for Most Popular New Talent.
"He's my best friend who works in the local shop," Dave says.
"It's a fun cast, and Dave Thornton also plays the uber-sporty dad at school – they're all based on real people."
Although Dave says he's looking forward to fellow comedian Harley Breen's pilot Taboo and the Aussie take on international hit Drunk History, he hopes people tune in to his show.
"There has always been a complaint that there's not enough Australian comedy out there," he says. "But I reckon people love Australian stories and love seeing someone they can relate to."
Dave with co-star Dilruk.

Pilot Week TV Guide

Sunday, August 19
8.30pm: Skit Happens
9pm: Disgrace!
Monday, August 20
9.30pm: Drunk History
Tuesday, August 21
9pm: Taboo
Wednesday, August 22
9pm: Kinne Tonight
Thursday, August 23
8.30pm: Trial By Kyle
Friday, August 24
8.30pm: Dave
Saturday, August 25
7.30pm: Bring Back…Saturday Night

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