Family man Hamish Blake talks about his greatest adventure yet

‘I want to be a present dad.’

By Tamara Cullen
Life just got a whole lot busier for funnyman Hamish Blake.
Along with his wife, 
author Zoë Foster Blake, Hamish is now the proud parent of adorable Rudy Hazel Blake . She entered the world – or in the words of the doting dad himself, “the nightclub my wife and I run” – on July 17.
News of her arrival exploded across the internet. In just two short weeks, the gorgeous little bub has become as famous as her parents and big brother Sonny, who’s three.
So when TV WEEK caught up with Hamish, who has taken four weeks’ paternity leave, it’s little wonder he has his hands full.
“It’s very exciting,” the 35-year-old grins. “I’m aware that the period we’re in right now is special. I want to make sure I’m present for it.”

For the comedian, this means scaling back his responsibilities on radio and TV to make time 
for the double dose of nappies
and tiny-tot tantrums.
But Hamish is certain there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.
“It’s the same with anybody – you can’t make your life all work or all play,” he explains.
“I’m happy we’re more on the side of spending quality time with Sonny and his sibling, because
you realise it [time] goes very fast.
“I’m lucky to be in a position where I can take time to be there.”
While parenting may not be new to the couple, Hamish admits he and Zoë still face learning curves every day.
“We have three years of experience under our belts now,” Hamish says. “We’ll probably trick ourselves into thinking we know what we’re doing and then make the same mistakes all over again. But I think that’s just parenthood.”

In fact, since becoming a dad, Hamish declares he’s developed a greater appreciation for his parents, Kerry and Noel.
“It’s like you suddenly realise that most of your parents’ life was not [spent doing] what they wanted to be doing,” he explains.
“It dawns on you that they would have loved to be doing other stuff, but they didn’t because they had kids.”
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