Grab the tissues for Hamish and Andy’s TV return

The duo will have you crying tears of laughter.

By Kietley Isrin
When was the last time you heard a funny story that made you laugh out loud and wish you were there when it happened? Well, for Hamish and Andy, it’s every day.
That’s why the comedic duo decided to bring these stories to life in their new series True Story With Hamish & Andy.
Stepping out from the radio studio, the pair are once again back in front of the camera.
The best buds chat to everyday Aussies about their most embarrassing encounters.
Then, some of the 
country’s most loved actors and comedians – including former Blue Heelers star John Wood and The Doctor Blake Mysteries’ Craig McLachlan 
– recreate the stories for our viewing pleasure.
And if episode one is anything 
to go by, viewers will be hooked in no time.
Hamish & Andy with actor Craig McLachlan on their new show.
Kicking things off is Rachel. She’s a mum who’s more than happy to share details of a disastrous dinner she and her family shared with a government official at one of Hong Kong’s most exclusive restaurants.
What starts out as a pleasant evening turns into Rachel’s worst nightmare.
Her husband gets blind drunk, her daughter swells up from a nut allergy, and her son ends up knee-deep in a water fountain.
So how could things go horribly wrong so quickly?
It turns out, if you promise your husband you’ll give 
him ‘anything’, he’ll make sure of it – even if it means eating four servings of a Chinese preserved delicacy called ‘thousand-year-old eggs’.
And yes, they do look, smell and taste as bad as they sound.
What happens next on True Story With Hamish & Andy will have you in stitches.

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