Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Melissa Fumero says the cast were ‘shocked’ by NBC rescue

'We were all really sad, and then...'

By Tina Burke
Last week was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for fans - and the cast - of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
First, Fox cancelled the Golden Globe award-winning series after five seasons. Then, fans rallied around the show on Twitter, calling for the network to '#RenewB99'. Just one day later, NBC picked up the comedy for a sixth season.
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The announcement was a welcome surprise for the cast, with actress Melissa Fumero (Detective Amy Santiago) saying they were 'shocked' by NBC's decision.
"We heard the news [that the show was cancelled], we were all really sad, and then Twitter exploded, and we were shocked by that, and just so… having all the feelings," Melissa tells Entertainment Weekly.
When rumours began that another network may pick up the show, "we were just kind of like, 'I don't know if this is really going to happen,' and I didn't think NBC — network to network — that's, like, unheard of. And then it came in an email, like this happened."
Stephanie Beatriz – who plays Detective Rosa Diaz – says the cast were following the updates live in their group text chain.
"We were like, 'What's happening???'" Stephanie recalls. "It was very, very thrilling."
Melissa adds that "Andy [Samberg] was like, 'Check your emails!!!"
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The stars of the cop comedy series looked incredibly happy at NBC's Upfronts in New York on earlier this week, where they celebrated the sixth season revival.
With Terry Crews (Sergeant Terry Jeffords), Joe Lo Truglio (Detective Charles Boyle), Stephanie (Rosa), Andy Samberg (Detective Jake Peralta), Melissa (Amy) and Andre Braugher(Captain Raymond Holt) all in attendance.

Back in 2013, Brooklyn Nine-Nine creators Mike Schur and Dan Good actually approached NBC with the idea. When the network passed, the pair sold the show to Fox.
At the NBC Upfronts, chairman Robert Greenblatt told reporters "We've been watching it closely ever since. If I knew Andy Samberg was going to be cast on that show we probably never would've sold it to Fox. We thought it was a missed opportunity since the beginning."
"We jumped on it really quickly and we're thrilled to have it. We think it fits into our brand of comedies better, in a way, than it ever did on [Fox]," Greenblatt continued.
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return with a 13-episode sixth season on NBC in 2019. It currently airs on SBS in Australia, with the season 5 finale set to air Wednesday 23rd of May at 8:00pm.

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