Beau Ryan on Ninja Warrior: "My wife forced me to do it!"

It turns out the NRL hottie needed a little nudge to compete on the show…

By NW team
It’s no secret Australian Ninja Warrior has taken over TV screens across the country over the past few weeks.
And while we’re in total awe of all the talented contestants, we especially can’t get enough of NRL Footy Show host, Beau Ryan’s insane athletic ability or his, ahem, abs!
Luckily for us, Beau has made into tonight’s round of semi-finals, ahead of tomorrow’s grand finale, so we get even more of a geez at his ripped rig as he battles it out for the title of Australia’s first Ninja Warrior.
And we have Beau’s wife Kara – who’s due to give birth to their second child, and sibling for four-year-old daughter Remi any day now - to thank for it, with Beau revealing she was the one that convinced him to compete!
What made you want to go on the show?
[My wife Kara] was probably the one who pushed me originally. We were planning on going away to be honest and Kara said I should go [on the show] ‘cause I was in good shape. I’m happy she forced me to have a crack at it.
And what does your gorgeous daughter Remi think of watching her dad up there killing it?
Yeah she loves it, all her friends love it. She’s probably too little to actually figure out what’s actually going on.
Looking fit Beau!
Given you’re a father and you have amazing abs, do you consider yourself a bit of a DILF?!
Yeah I don’t know about that, I don’t know if Kara would say that either [laughs]. Kara and I always make sure we are the best versions of ourselves mentally and physically you know, so we are very supportive of each other. I’m so fortunate I can be an active dad.
Ok, so the Ninja Warrior obstacle course looks near impossible! What’s it like actually doing it?
It’s tolling.
How do you prepare for the show?
You do a medical to see if your body is physically fit for it. There’s a bit of fatigue testing to see how your joints and body will go the course.
"Kara and I always make sure we are the best versions of ourselves!"
Was there anything you wished you’d done better on the show?
I was in ok shape, but looking back I wish I trained more.
There was a little bit of backlash online after you were referred to as an "NRL Legend" on the show…
Yeah I saw that. Obviously you get the script to read and it’s all part of the theatre. So I don’t consider myself an NRL legend but I’m happy for everyone to think I was who hasn’t ever seen me play before [laughs].
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