How Australian Ninja Warrior works

Here's everything you need to 
know about Australian Ninja Warrior.

By TV Week team
Confused about what to expect from Australian Ninja Warrior?
Here's a handy guide to the rules of how it all works.
  • More than 5000 Aussies registered to compete. Applicants are put through intense interviews and physical tests before being selected.
  • There are five heats of six obstacles. Obstacles consist of quintuple steps, tilting frames, warped walls and a swing cycle.
  • Fifty competitors take the 
course in each heat.

  • Your run of the course is over if any part of you touches the water.
  • Only the top 18 competitors qualify for the semi-finals – determined by those who go 
the furthest in the fastest time.
  • The semi-finals will be made 
up of nine obstacles.
  • There are 30 competitors in 
each semi-final. The top seven 
will go through to the Grand Final.

The Grand Final

Stage 1
Twenty-one competitors have just three minutes and 45 seconds to negotiate nine obstacles
Stage 2
The competitors who have completed Stage 1 progress 
and then have 65 seconds to negotiate eight obstacles.
Stage 3
Mount Midoriyama! The competitors face a climbing rope 
22 metres long. To claim the title 
of Australian Ninja Warrior, they have 30 seconds to scale the rope and press the buzzer.

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