Bachelorette final two revealed?

By Zoë Holloway
Georgia Love is heading into the tail end of her search for love, and while there are presently five boys remaining, leaked photos could reveal who the final two are!
Both Lee Elliot, 35, and Matty Johnson, 29, have been spotted kissing the 28-year-old in Singapore as she prepares to make her final decision.
While extreme measures were taken to ensure that The Bachelor’s final two were kept under wraps, a source who claims to have spotted the final two on their last dates says producers haven’t tried too hard to cover up the finale.
‘Even though they were filming overseas, the dates took place in such public places,’ explains the insider. ‘It’s almost like they have given up on trying to keep the results a secret.’
It’s already been confirmed that Jake Ellis, 30, will make the top three, as he has been snapped taking Georgia on a hometown date.
While we think any of the final five will be an amazing pick for Georgia, only time will truly tell!

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