Gold Logie nominee Amanda Keller on why the award means so much to her

'I always thought the Gold Logie was for hugely deserving grown-ups.'

Being nominated for the TV WEEK Gold Logie is something to celebrate. And while Amanda Keller is relishing this special moment, she admits she also feels an incredible sense of sadness.
"The minute anything amazing like this happens, I think of Mum," Amanda, 56, says. "I think how amazed and thrilled she would be."
Amanda's mother, Jennifer, passed away 12 years ago at the age of 70.
"Mum used to watch the Logies and was always hugely supportive of my career," Amanda recalls.
"She'd just be so proud and as stunned as I am – especially to see me with heels on and attempting to paint my nails."
Amanda knows her mum would be 'thrilled' by her Gold Logie nomination.
For the past six years, Amanda's been at the helm of Network Ten's The Living Room, which has won three TV WEEK Logies for Best Lifestyle Program.
However, this is the first time Amanda has been nominated for the coveted Gold Logie and for Most Popular Presenter.
"I always thought the Gold Logie was for hugely deserving grown-ups," she laughs. "I've worked with Ray Martin and he's won about 18,000 in a row. So I never thought for a second that I'd even be considered."
Recalling the moment she found out she was in the running for the top gong, Amanda says her stomach churned.
"It was a physical reaction," she says. "I'm incredibly grateful, but it was so left of field – but the best left of field.
"I'm thrilled with the accolade," she enthuses. "And I'm pleased this is the year I've been nominated. I feel like life just keeps getting better. The best of it is never behind you."
The Living Room stars Dr. Chris Brown, Miguel Maestre and Barry Du Bois with Amanda.
So is it fair to say Amanda, who also hosts the Jonesy & Amanda WSFM breakfast radio show, has no plans to slow down just yet?
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"There's nothing I'd change," she says. "As long as The Living Room is going, that's where my heart is."
And the feeling is mutual, with her co-hosts on The Living Room right behind their leading lady.
"Amanda is an incredible human," Barry Du Bois, 57, says. "She's one of a kind and such a professional. No-one deserves this more than she does."
With TV's night of night's just days away, does Amanda have an acceptance speech ready to roll just in case?
"If I were to win, I'd be pathetically grateful and trying not to cry," she laughs. "With any luck, Molly Meldrum will run up and take the pressure off."
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