Gold Logie nominee Grant Denyer on his departure from Family Feud

'The only thing we're guilty of is running it too much.'

Grant Denyer promises that this year's TV WEEK Logie Awards - where he's again up for the Gold Logie, as well as Most Popular Presenter – will be a happy affair. But even if he doesn't win, you'll never know he's disappointed.
"No-one can smile and clap for another winner better than me while secretly dying inside," he jokes. "You don't work in TV to win awards, but it's surprising how wonderful it feels when it happens."
In 2016, Grant collected a Logie for Best Entertainment Program for Family Feud. Interestingly, the show – for which Grant is again nominated – has been axed after four years on Network Ten.
Grant has since been announced as host of a new game show, Game Of Games, which will air on the same channel this year.
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What he is keen on is making good television that makes people laugh or simply makes them happy. Family Feud was just that.
"It was silly and I love making silly,"he says. "As serious as everyone can get about the industry – and as crazy as the world can become – we all need a bit of silly in our lives."
That said, after filming 1200 episodes of the show – and, according to Grant, saying "survey says" a staggering 30,000 times – he knew Family Feud had run its course.
"The only thing we're guilty of is running it [the show] too much, too often, too many times a day," he concedes. "And that's possibly what's brought on its early resting."
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