Tiger Lily Hutchence spotted partying on NYE with new boyfriend

Things are moving fast for Michael Hutchence’s daughter and her new boyfriend!
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Romance was in the air as Tiger Lily Hutchence stopped for a sunset kiss – and some selfies – with British model and aspiring filmmaker Ben Archer in Perth on New Year’s Day.

Sources say the couple have been dating exclusively since June and are inseparable. “His family adore her and she loves that they’re so normal compared to hers,” an insider tells Woman’s Day.

She holidayed with Ben’s family in Italy in July.

(Credit: Instagram)

“Things are very serious between them. Everyone’s expecting an engagement announcement any day now.”

In July, Tiger, 27, made her feelings clear when she declared “I love you” on an affectionate birthday post-Ben made for her on Instagram.

“Ben’s completely swept her off her feet. He’s everything she wants in a man and he makes her so happy,” says the source of Tiger.

“He worships her. He’s skimmed around the industry for years and has ambitions of making music videos and documentaries, but he adores her ‘whatever’ attitude to fame.”

“They’re staying in a little townhouse in Fremantle,” says a source.

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According to the insider, after the tragedies she’s endured, “Tiger’s always been a tough nut to crack and has a lot of walls around her.”

But the source says, “Ben’s completely disarmed her and for the first time she can see a future of weddings, babies and something she’s never really had – a family.

“Taking him to Perth was a big step,” adds the insider. “It’s her happy place, and judging from the smile on her face, it just got a lot happier.”

Tiger, in WA with her new man Ben, split from her ex Nick Allbrook last April.

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In fact, Tiger trusts her new man so much that the source says, “Don’t be surprised if they pull together a production company, starting with the first official Tiger-approved documentary of her iconic dad. Who better to task with such an important project than her soon-to-be fiance?”

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