Zara Tindall says she doesn’t have a stylist and prefers “stretchy skinny jeans” over designer outfits

And that's why we love you, Zara!
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Zara Tindall is one of the most popular members of the royal family, thanks to her low-key, down-to-earth nature and seeming inability to ever make a fuss.

The equestrian star and Olympian always dresses smartly and practically, a style she says she’s inherited from her mother Princess Anne.

Now the 38-year-old ambassador for sports clothing brand Musto has opened up in a new interview about her trademark royal style, where she spoke with refreshing candour about how she chooses what she wears.

Zara told the UK’s The Telegraph that she doesn’t employ a stylist and feels more comfortable in her “stretchy skinny jeans” than anything else.

And when asked about what high-end designers she likes to wear on special occasions, she apologised, confessing, “I’ve no idea, I can’t even answer that one.”

Mike and Zara Tindall pictured at the Emeralds & Ivy Ball in December 2019.

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Zara looking radiant in a turquoise blue frock and matching fascinator at Royal Ascot earlier this year.

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Zara says she doesn’t really enjoy shopping.

“It depends on the occasion and what’s needed,” she said of her approach to style and dressing.

“But I don’t really enjoy shopping. I’m more of an online shopper. It’s a case of when needs must, for me.

“My style is very, very casual,” she added.

“Especially if I’m just at home with the children in the country. It’s jeans, flat boots or trainers and then a gilet or a coat over the top. Through the years, whenever going to an occasion, the main lesson that my mother taught us was just to make sure that you look presentable, clean and tidy. That was always handed down to us.”

Zara and her daughter Mia enjoying an adorable mother-daughter ice cream date.

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Zara keeping it casual-chic in this cosy poncho and chic black handbag.

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A natural beauty!

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But one big fashion goal she recently achieved was getting her own walk-in wardrobe in her newly renovated home at Gatcombe Park, on her mother Princess Anne’s country estate.

“I have one finally,” she said.

“Everyone wants a walk in wardrobe, don’t they? It was always a big thing getting older and realising that dream of having a walk in wardrobe. That thing where you can find everything you need on hand immediately is amazing. When we moved into our current house that was a must for us.”

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With two daughter under six to take care of – her eldest Mia is five and youngest Lena is one – Zara says trying to keep her children’s clothes organised is a battle.

“Organising children’s closets is a nightmare because they grow out of things so quickly,” Zara explained.

“I find myself trying to move those clothes on as quickly as you’ve just put them in the drawers. It’s a little bit depressing when you realise how quickly they’re growing. Sifting through clothes and the laundry loads takes up a lot more of my time than it used to; two children and I do three different [equestrian] disciplines so that’s three sets of clothes. There’s a lot going on in the washing room at my house.”

A royal who does her own washing – and that’s why we love you, Zara!

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