Who will inherit the Queen’s jewellery following her passing?

The royal family is in mourning.
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Diamonds, rubies, tiaras and pearls – you name it, the Queen has it, and her extensive collection of jewellery is as much a part of how she looks as her matching hats and coats and the ever-present handbag.

But what will happen to all the gorgeous gems now that she passed away at age 96?

It’s not as simple as just handing them over to Charles and Anne, or popping one under the Christmas tree for Charlotte or Beatrice.

The Queen was beautiful at her coronation.

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The jewels owned by the Queen actually fall into two categories – gems that are the Royal Collection, and those she has collected personally.

The Royal Collection includes, of course, the Crown Jewels, which belong to the Crown and are maintained by the Crown Jeweller.

Jewellery expert Ella Kay told the Express that these are “regalia used in ceremonies of state, like corporations” — and they are “owned by the sovereign in a trust.”

Since these belong to the state, they don’t actually get handed down to anyone. Instead, they go on to be used by the current monarch and their partner (or consort).

The Queen has a lovely collection of jewels.

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That means that the Royal collection will be inherited first by Prince Charles (and will be available for Camilla as Queen Consort) and then William and Kate.

Other famous pieces in the Royal Collection include the Cullinan Diamond, and the Queen’s Diamond Diadem which can often be seen at the State Opening of Parliament.

More pieces include a sapphire brooch which Queen Victoria designated an “heirloom of the Crown”.

Fans were concerned about her health before her passing.

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The large sapphire surrounded by diamonds was given to Victoria by Prince Albert on the eve of their wedding.

She wore it at the ceremony, and since then it has been worn by every Queen and Queen Consort.

When it’s not in use, the brooch – and much of the rest of the collection – is housed in the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

The Crown Jewels are of course, kept at the famous Tower of London.

Everyone around the globe is mourning her death.

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If the jewels are part of The Queen’s personal collection, then these pieces are fair game – in fact she can leave them to anyone she wants.

“I’d say the majority of her jewellery is part of her personal collection,” Ella Kay said.

“That includes everything from the pearl earrings that she wears on a daily basis to her brooch collection and her tiaras, as well as the jewellery she inherited from Queen Mary and the Queen Mother.”

In fact, she owns more than 300 items of jewellery including 98 brooches, 46 necklaces, 37 bracelets, 34 pairs of earrings, 15 rings, 14 watches and five pendants, so there is plenty to go around.

The British royal family is mourning the Queens passing.

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According to some reports, the value of her jewellery is around a staggering US$110 million.

Of course, the Queen can also lend her precious pieces out as she wants, which means she’s often letting family members wear her gorgeous baubles for royal occasions.

Ms Kay said: “The Queen doesn’t give the jewels as gifts – they still remain part of her personal jewellery collection – but she allows family members to wear them on a long-term basis.”

Prince Philip died in 2021.

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Kate Middleton, for example, wore the Halo tiara when she married Prince William, and wore the well-known Lover’s Knot tiara for a State Banquet honouring Donald Trump’s visit

The Queen lent the Meander tiara to Zara Tindall for her wedding, and the Queen Mary Fringe tiara to both Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice when they got married.

She has also lent the Lotus Flower tiara to Kate for a number of royal engagements… and even the Duchess of Sussex got to wear the famous Queen Mary’s Diamond bandeau tiara when she tied the knot with Harry.

The Duchess of Cornwall hasn’t missed out, either– she has a long term loan of the famous Greville Tiara.

Kate and Prince William got married in 2011.

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However, when it comes time to work out who will inherit those jewels, there is more to think about.

Given of course that both heirs to the throne are male – Charles and then William – and that as consort Camilla will have her pick of the Crown collection to wear, it looks likely that the Queen may bequeath much of her private collection to Kate – who is routinely seen as the Queen’s favourite.

Writing for Vanity Fair last year, royal biographer Katie Nicholl said: “Royal sources insist the Queen holds Kate in high regard and admires how she juggles her royal role with a busy family.”

We hope the Queen found peace in her final moments.

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Of course, some of her collection will also head into the jewellery boxes of other family members, such as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, Princess Anne and her daughter Zara, the Countess of Wessex and Princess Charlotte.

Lastly, however, they may not end up staying the recognisable royal gems they are now – once they’re passed down, whoever ends up owning them can do with them what they want.

“Pieces are often modified to better suit current tastes or to be more wearable for an individual woman,” added Ella Kay.

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