Who does Princess Charlotte look like?

Dad William, mum Catherine, or maybe even Uncle Harry?

Sometimes with little babies, it can be hard to tell who they look like until they’re a little older.

But we don’t think anyone has that problem with gorgeous Princess Charlotte!

The adorable little royal, who we got another glimpse of yesterday thanks to Duchess Catherine, has a healthy helping of everyone. Her dad’s big blue eyes, her brother’s serious eyebrows, her mum’s rosy cheeks – even a glint of her Uncle Harry’s red hair!

But the question isn’t who she looks like, it’s who she looks like more!

With her gorgeous round face and blue eyes, we think Charlotte looks a little like her grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales!

Her laugh could be from dad Prince William.

Little Charlotte’s colouring is very similar to her mum’s, Duchess Catherine.

Such serious eyebrows! What do you think of Prince George and Charlotte?

She even got a little bit from her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth!

Cousinly cuteness! Princess Charlotte looks pretty similar to her dad’s cousin, Princess Beatrice, when she was a baby.

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