What Kate Middleton will wear to her wedding

What Kate Middleton will wear to her wedding

Ten days out from the wedding of the century, fashion expert Maggie Alderson gives her predictions about Kate Middleton’s dress (Alexander McQueen or Libé), her hairstyle (down) her make-up (Kate’s signature “unattractive” eyeliner) and what it will all mean for her future as a style icon.

Which designer?

The most important feature of any wedding is the dress, and Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William will be no exception.

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The world has been speculating about which designer Kate will choose for months, but Maggie says it is between two British fashion labels: Alexander McQueen and Libélula.

“There is a lot of evidence that Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen will design Kate’s gown,” Maggie says. “The big link is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s son Tom is married to Sarah Buys, a fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar.

“She got married in Alexander McQueen a couple of years ago. If you had a fashion editor as a step-sister-in-law you would ask them for advice wouldn’t you? All the signs are pointing towards Alexander McQueen and I so hope it is. That would be the most perfect choice for a modern princess.”

Designer Sophie Cranston’s Libélula label is far less famous than Alexander McQueen, but is also considered a likely choice. Kate donned a black velvet coat by Sophie to a wedding earlier this year and several other clues lead Maggie to suspect Libélula is a serious contender.

“This report has real credence,” Maggie says. “Cranston does do bridal and the style is long and narrow — exactly the shape Kate favours.

“Sarah Cranston also helped to set up the Temperley label, and Kate’s mum and sister were seen leaving the Temperley studio recently — another connection. It would be the second best choice after McQueen, in my opinion; another fresh modern choice from this most independent royal bride.”

Modern or modest?

Strapless gowns might be the most popular choice for ordinary brides, Kate is extremely unlikely to bare her shoulders on her big day. Instead, she is likely to go for something more modest to respect the grand venue.

“I think she will cover her shoulders in some way,” Maggie says. “I don’t think it will be appropriate for her to have bare shoulders in Westminster Abbey.”

DIY make-up

Kate has famously never employed a make-up artist, even applying her own cosmetics for her engagement photo shoot with renowned photographer Mario Testino. Rumour has it she’s planning to do the same for her wedding, which is giving Maggie nightmares.

“It’s utter madness and I’m very worried about it,” she says. “She’s always done her own make-up up ’til now — she has her own signature unattractive black eyeliner.

“It would be a massive mistake to do her own make-up for her wedding. I can understand why Kate would want to do something within her own comfort zone as the whole wedding is such a massive deal, however, professional make-up artists do know a few tricks, and keeping your make-up in place under hot television lights for a long day is pretty difficult.”

Hairy decisions

Kate is renowned for her long glossy locks and has rarely been seen sporting anything other than a perfect blow-wave. She has had the same hairdresser for years, and Maggie says it seems extremely unlikely the princess-to-be would even consider wearing her hair up, as is traditional in royal nuptials.

“She obviously likes her hair, and I’m sure William likes it,” Maggie says. “I wouldn’t be surprised if her hair was down, because she is showing she has her own ideas about how this wedding should be.

“For example, I’m absolutely appalled that she’s going to the abbey in a closed car — I think that’s a terrible decision, but it is her decision. She’s put her foot down about that, she’s put her foot down about getting ready in a hotel and not one of the palaces so I wouldn’t be surprised if the hair was down.”

Spectacular shoes

Kate has been spotted wearing some frumpy heels in recent weeks, but expect her wedding shoes to be spectacular. Maggie says the heels will be custom-made for the bride, and will not be overlooked as they have been by previous royal brides.

“Shoes will matter enormously to her,” Maggie says. “If it is an Alexander McQueen dress they will have made her bespoke shoes. She will have bespoke shoes from somewhere, definitely.”

Slipping into something more comfortable?

Thirty years ago it was common for brides to change into something a little more comfortable after the ceremony, but these days most women stay in their gowns until the last possible second. Kate is rumoured to have commissioned a second dress to slip on for the dinner reception, and Maggie is sure it will be stunning.

“She’d be mad not to have another amazing dress to change into for the dinner and dancing part of the evening,” Maggie says. “I would! She’ll be wearing the wedding dress until they come out onto the balcony to do the kiss, but I would be very surprised if she didn’t have some fabulous number for the evening.”

Style icon

Whether you love or hate Kate’s style, there is no denying she has huge sway in the fashion world. Maggie is convinced she will soon become a fashion force even more powerful than William’s mother, Princess Diana, was.

“Princess Diana wasn’t a style icon on her wedding day but she became one and Kate Middleton is already half-way there,” Maggie says.

“The clothes Kate wears sell out immediately. Not only do they sell out, but there are copies in my local supermarket for £18.”

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Even Maggie’s eight-year-old daughter is desperate to dress like Kate. On a recent shopping trip she begged for a trench coat so she could look like the soon-to-be princess.

“I couldn’t believe my ears,” Maggie says. “We were in a shop and there were these gorgeous little trench coats and I thought I didn’t have a hope of getting her into that and she went straight to it and put it on.

“I said, ‘Do you really like that? Would you wear it?’ She said, ‘Yes, I look like Kate Middleton’. She’s eight! And not into celebrities at all. I was amazed.”

And Kate’s influence look likely to grow. Maggie thinks she will be made over by Vogue, as Diana was, and will be unstoppable.

“She will become a massive style icon once Vogue gets hold of her,” Maggie says. “They set Diana on her way and then she could do it all by herself and Kate could well be even bigger.”

Maggie Alderson’s new book Style Notes is out now, Penguin, $24.95.

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