The Queen could not be more charming/funny/intelligent in this rare new interview with Sir David Attenborough

When two living legends collide, magic happens!
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She rarely ever speaks with the press.

But as she draws closer to her 92nd birthday on the 21st of April, Queen Elizabeth has clearly had a change of heart and is throwing out her royal rule book and letting the cameras into the palace!

And just like her last TV appearance showed us, she’s actually super funny.

Over the weekend, the world was gifted a teaser for an upcoming ITV documentary hosted by The Queen’s trusted confidante and celebrated naturalist Sir David Attenborough, also 91, called The Queen’s Green Planet.

In the heartwarming teaser, the two icons enjoy a stroll around the lush gardens of Buckingham Palace as they discuss Her Majesty’s inspiring initiative – The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, a conservation project which sees the protection of forests throughout the Commonwealth nations.

“Trees have been a part of the Queen’s life, all her life,” Sir David Attenborough remarks in the clip.

It then cuts to the monarch joking about a rather shabby bush in her otherwise perfectly manicured garden.

“That one we won’t look at it. Someone sat on it!” The 91-year-old deadpans as Attenborough cracks up.

The Queen’s off-the-cuff gags had Sir David in a fit of giggles.

The Queen also reveals she’s often given plants as she’s obviously a very tricky person to buy presents for.

“I’ve been quite difficult to give presents to, so they’ve said, ‘Oh, let’s give her a plant,'” she shares.

The Queen also reveals she hopes that by encouraging to people to plant more trees in her honour that it “might change the climate again.”

“A wonderful legacy,” the adored presenter notes.

“In this ITV special, join me as I take a walk around her garden and learn of the Queen’s dream of creating a global network of forests,” Sir David Attenborough continues.

It’s easy to see just how fond The Queen is of Sir David Attenborough and the pair’s strong bond dates back decades, with Sir David producing The Queen’s Christmas message from 1986 until 1991.

Making their grandmother proud! Prince Harry and Prince William also star in the upcoming documentary.

The TV special also features The Queen’s family members, Prince William and Prince Harry, as they carry on their Grandmother’s conservation work around the Commonwealth.

There’s even a touch of Hollywood royalty as actress Angelina Jolie and her conservation work in Namibia is discussed.

“She’s a really lovely lady who really cares about the future,” Angelina remarks of the monarch.

The full documentary will air in the UK on Monday, April 16th.

Angelina Jolie describes Her Majesty as “lovely.”

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