The royal family may be seeking legal consequences against claims made by Meghan Markle

Prince Charles perceives Meghan's claims as a threat.
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In the two years since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex departed for America, the Queen’s “never complain, never explain” ethos has been sorely tested as the couple made serious public allegations against the royal family.

Most damaging has been Meghan’s repeated claims of alleged racism and mistreatment, spouted on podcasts, TV shows and opinion pieces in the American press.

Sadly, if anyone thought the duchess would give it a rest after it was revealed the Queen was enjoying much needed rest at Balmoral Castle with mobility issues, they had another thing coming.

Meghan has hinted at a ‘tell all’ book.

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Last week, the 41-year-old actress continued her public attack on the monarchy, telling highbrow US magazine The Cut that, “It’s interesting, I’ve never had to sign anything that restricts me from talking.”

As “interesting” as Meghan might find the situation, Woman’s Day’s royal insiders reveal the palace has taken her comments as nothing short of a threat.

“I can talk about my whole experience and make a choice not to,” she taunted before telling the journalist she’s made an “active effort” to forgive the royal family, “especially knowing I can say anything”.

Meghan used to own a personal blog before marrying Prince Harry.

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It’s this comment, say sources, that was the final straw for an embattled Prince Charles, 73. “It was meant as a threat and Charles took it that way,” says a palace insider.

“When he read that, he knew Meghan was making it clear she was never going to stop this nonsense, and now it’s time to do something.”

Woman’s Day understands Charles has been consulting with palace lawyers over “how to handle Meghan”.

“While Her Majesty prefers to publicly ignore private issues, Charles is different,” maintains a source, who explains the heir is under extremely intense pressure to do something about the continuous barrage of attacks on the royal family.

Will Meghan suffer any consequences?

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Within the palace, insiders say suggestions are growing that perhaps it’s time for a legal warning to the Duchess of Sussex.

“He wants her to know that she can’t rely on the Queen’s traditional silence for much longer, and the royals will fight back,” the insider adds.

True to form, Meghan also managed to make a dig at the Cambridges. Meghan insisted she wouldn’t be able to pick up and drop off her children if they were raised in the UK due to photographers.

“Sorry I have a problem with that. That doesn’t make me obsessed with privacy. That makes me a strong and good parent,” she declared, despite her sister-in-law, future Queen Consort Kate frequently dropping her children off at school.

Meghan has also made comments about her life as a royal in her podcast.

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Meghan’s rant comes as the Sussexes are due to land in the UK this week, with Meghan making an appearance in Manchester and Harry, 37, speaking at a WellChild event in London.

“If they think they’ll be given the red-carpet treatment, they have another thing coming,” says a source, who says this latest interview has dampened any hope of reconciliation.

“If Charles has his way, Meghan won’t be coming anywhere near palace property – as it is, there are rumours they’ll be staying in hotels instead of their cottage at Windsor Castle.”

Her comments have divided fans.

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“It’s amazing to think that Meghan would even consider setting foot inside palace gates after everything she’s done,” says the insider. “Let alone assuming she’d be welcome – this time she’s gone too far.”

“I can say anything,” Meghan told The Cut magazine.

Meghan says she’s a “strong” parent for not wanting her children to attend school in the UK like the Cambridge kids.

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