The awkward moments of being a royal

Public life serves up an above average encounters with the weird, the wonderful and the slightly awkward.
Prince Charles shaking hands with an orange

A modern-day royal requires the ability to be gracious at all times – whether you are dancing on stage, admiring the catch of a local fisherman or meeting a man dressed as a banana. The royal family have proven excellent handlers of awkward situations. Here are some of our favourites.

When Prince Harry answered two phones at once during a charity trader day.

One more for prosperity

When Sesame Street favourites stand behind you and everybody has to remain a grown-up.

Trying out new customs is a tricky business.

Daggy dancing, a right of passage for those in public life. Difficult to master. But so many points for trying!

The time Prince William wore this flower crown.

Prince Charles’ dancing has been his signature for many, many years. May his moves never change.

Prince Charles, secret DJ.

That time LeBron James broke Royal protocol and everybody felt a bit uncomfortable.

Prince Harry in a fetching floral pinnie.

The life of a royal requires perfect grace when meeting anybody, including a banana and a cumquat.

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