Sophie of Wessex makes a striking purple statement at Royal Ascot as her heartbreaking interview about Prince Philip goes to air

The Countess of Wessex spoke to the BBC about the difficult loss the family experienced earlier this year.
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Sophie of Wessex has quickly risen to the top of the royal fashion stakes in recent years – up there with the likes of Duchesses Catherine and Meghan, there’s no doubt the Countess has her fashion A-Game sussed.

That’s why the second day of Royal Ascot – which is currently underway in the UK – was all the more glorious when she stepped out in gorgeous purple tones for the days events.

The vibrant royal wore a beautiful white shirt with a purple floral printed midi skirt.

But the cherry on top of the fashion-forward pie was her lilac feathered hat – which set the whole look off perfectly.

Sophie looked stunning at Royal Ascot on Wednesday.


But there was an element of sadness to the appearance, as it coincided with the airing of an interview Sophie recently gave to BBC Radio 5 about the death of Prince Philip.

In the rare and honest interview, Sophie revealed that Philip’s death had left a devastating hole in the royal family.

“He’s left a giant-sized hole in our lives,” she said, before adding: “Unfortunately the pandemic has slightly skewed things in as much as it’s hard to spend as much time with the Queen as we’d like to.

“We’ve been trying to, but of course it’s not that easy.”

Sophie shared the heartbreaking insight with the BBC.


She also spoke about the difficulties in getting back into a regular routine without knowing that Philip was just around the corner.

“The normal way of things isn’t normal yet, so we’re not necessarily doing the things that we would normally have done with him,” she explained.

“It’s only when you would do the normal things that you would have done with them, and you suddenly realise that they are not there, that you really start to have an ‘oh my goodness’ moment.”

Sophie started to well up during the interview, telling the host of how she wished she could see the Queen a little more: “If you’re not living with somebody, 24/7, the immediate loss isn’t necessarily felt in the same way, as if somebody was in the house with you all the time.”

Sophie has been married to Edward for more than 20 years.


Of course, there’s no doubt the royals have stayed in contact other ways when they cannot do so in person.

And when a new royal baby was born into the family – Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lilibet, it’s understood Prince Harry introduced The Queen to her great-granddaughter via a Zoom call.

That no doubt is the way Sophie and Edward have continued to keep in frequent contact with The Queen as well – in between their in-person visits.

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