Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew ignore Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Baby news

Ahh, the politics of a Royal Baby announcement!
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It’s the joyful Royal Baby news that has us toasting our teacups with glee.

But not everyone seems as thrilled about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s pregnancy announcement – just ask Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew.

As Kensington Palace’s official statement was released on Monday, October 15th, Sarah the Duchess of York was firing out tweets left, right and centre in a bid to keep the momentum from Princess Eugenie’s wedding day rolling.

Yeah, remember the other royal wedding that suddenly feels like a lifetime ago now? From Meghan and Harry’s exciting touchdown in Sydney, to the earth-shattering news they’re with child, SO much has happened in the space of just a few days.

Moments after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s baby news broke, Sarah Ferguson uploaded a snap of one of her royal wedding reception outfits and thanked the designers for styling her.

An hour later, Sarah shared yet another wedding snap – this time of her daughter and new husband hand-in-hand alongside the caption: “So proud of Eugenie and Jack #wedding.”

But Fergie’s rampage didn’t end there.

The 59-year-old proceeded to upload another three more wedding-related snaps throughout the course of the day.

See all of Fergie’s tweets below! Post continues…

The mother-of-two clearly seemed to be ignoring the enormous royal news making global headlines and was intent on keeping the focus on her family’s recent celebrations.

Over on Prince Andrew’s socials it was very much the same story, with the Duke of York re-tweeting Sarah’s post welcoming Jack to the family.

Neither Sarah or Andrew are yet to publicly congratulate the Sussexes.

This behaviour, while subtle, gives us a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes politics of the royal family – everyone deserves their time in the spotlight but you can’t help but wonder if the Yorks feel a little miffed at having their 15 minutes cut short and eclipsed once again by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

According to HELLO!, Meghan and Harry shared their baby news with loved ones at the royal wedding on Friday.

Insensitive, or just logistically easier when you have all the key players in the one room at the same time?

Three days after Princess Eugenie’s wedding, Meghan and Harry took the unprecedented move of announcing their pregnancy on the first day of their Australian royal tour and in a flash, any remaining headlines about the royal wedding were wiped out.

Because let’s face it, it would have been pretty damn annoying for Meghan to keep thinking of creative excuses to refuse bubbly and to dress that growing bump on and exhaustive 16-day tour.

In fact, Meghan and Harry probably wanted to announce their news before they left for the royal tour, but had to hold off because of Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

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It’s certainly not the first time the two royal families have had a run in.

As royal legend has it, there is a long-running rumoured rift between Prince Andrew, 58, and his older brother Prince Charles, 69.

Growing up, the sibling’s 12-year age gap meant they were never particularly close. And as the years went by, royal insiders believe Prince Andrew grew more and more jealous of the privileges bestowed upon his older brother, aka the direct heir to the throne, and his two sons.

As Prince William and Prince Harry turned into global superstars, the Duke of York felt the resources given to his girls paled in comparison.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles’ patience with his scandal-prone brother waned. In 2015, the future King of England was said to be furious when Prince Andrew was caught in the middle of a shocking sex scandal.

Sadly over the years, the brothers relationship has become quite complex.

At the time, the Palace denied claims that Prince Andrew had sex 17-year-old Virginia Roberts, who alleges that she was serving as a “sex-slave” to the Duke of York’s close friend, insiders claimed that Prince Charles had shut out his brother entirely for fears of being associated with the damaging allegations.

Last year in an unprecedented and unusual move, Prince Andrew released a rare statement via social media denying fevered reports Prince Charles refused to approve his plan to make his daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie full-time working royals.

“Over the past few weeks a number of stories have been run in various newspapers that have no basis in fact and the most recent, relating to my daughters, requires correction to terminate further speculation and innuendo,” Prince Andrew penned on Twitter.

“There is no truth to the story that there could be a split between the Prince of Wales and I over my daughters’ participation as Members of the Royal Family.

Radio silence: As the Royal Baby news broke, Fergie and Andrew were still posting about the wedding.

Despite Andrew’s statement, it’s believed there was growing tension after Eugenie was reportedly told to push back her engagement and wedding so Prince Harry, who is higher in succession to the throne, could marry Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle first.

Ever the doting father, Prince Andrew worked overtime to ensure his youngest daughter was given the fairytale wedding of her dreams, brokering a broadcast deal with ITV so it would be shown on television and spending millions of pounds out of his own pockets for a lavish, weekend-long affair.

Andrew even made a slight dig at Meghan and Harry’s wedding during an interview with ITV in the lead up to Eugenie’s wedding.

“There are a few more [guests] than Harry had, but that’s just the nature of Eugenie and Jack, they’ve got so many friends that they need a church of that size to fit them all in,” he quipped.

If anything, it’s refreshing the royal family are just as complex as the next and at least we have the triple whammy of a royal wedding, baby and tour to celebrate at once.

Royal Christmas is well and truly here! Let’s just hope the Yorks and the Sussexes can see it like that.

On cloud nine! Meghan and Harry don’t seem to be too fussed. (Images: Getty Images)

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