Sarah Ferguson purchases million dollar ‘investment’ home despite bankruptcy fears

What's really going on with her finances?
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Despite crying poor, the embattled duchess has scooped up a lavish home.

Given that Sarah Ferguson’s cashflow woes have been well documented over the decades – largely because the duchess herself keeps admitting to them – it’s no wonder her purchase of an $8.6 million luxury property has London society buzzing.

The 62-year-old was spotted inspecting the Mayfair home two months ago, with the British press confirming that she recently decided to snap it up. Insiders tell Woman’s Day that Fergie purchased the home as an investment for her daughters Princess Beatrice, 34, and Princess Eugenie, 32.

Duchess Sarah Ferguson and ex-husband Prince Andrew divorced in 1996.

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However, friends are puzzled over how the royal divorcee – who currently lives in the Royal Lodge at Windsor with her disgraced ex-husband Prince Andrew – managed to cough up the cash for a pricey piece of real estate in one of the city’s most exclusive enclaves, despite admitting she is “continually on the verge of bankruptcy” and has “little understanding” of money.

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Indeed, the duchess and Andrew, also 62, were recently forced to settle with the former owner of their Swiss chalet, who claimed they still hadn’t paid their debt to her – with the couple ultimately offloading it to pay her back.

Over the years the pair have seemingly relied on hefty mortgages or questionable connections to purchase or sell their homes. It is also reported that the Queen personally had to help cash-strapped Andrew settle with his sex-abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre.

What’s more, Fergie’s mysterious big spending comes amid rumours the Yorks will be eventually turfed out of their home on the Queen’s Windsor Castle estate.

In 2014, the Yorks took out a $24 million mortgage. But when trying to resell the Swiss home in 2020, the original owner sued the pair for failing to make the final payment, the lawsuit was withdrawn.

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“Prince William is moving out there, in a sign he’ll soon be in charge of things,” a source dishes, who notes William has made no secret of the fact that he feels Andrew’s behaviour has been “a disgrace” to the family.

“Andrew has been stood down as a working royal and William feels he no longer deserves the perk of living in prime royal property.”

Duchess and Princess Beatrice attending Princess Eugenie’s wedding

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Tellingly, sources say William has very little time for Fergie as well.

“This is likely because his own mother didn’t get on with her in the last years of her life,” tells the insider, who insists Fergie and Andrew fully expect that William, 40, will soon force them out, probably in time to install their own children there once they’ve grown up.

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