Sarah Ferguson undergoes breast cancer operation

And is now “recuperating with her family.”
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Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has undergone an operation for breast cancer and is now recovering.

As reported by the BBC, a spokesperson for the Duchess said that after a routine mammogram screening, doctors informed Sarah that she needed surgery – which she underwent earlier this week.

Sarah Ferguson has undergone an operation for breast cancer.

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“She was advised she needed to undergo surgery which has taken place successfully,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson went on to say that Sarah‘s doctors have told her her ‘prognosis is good’ and that Sarah herself was “receiving the best medical care” and gives her “immense gratitude to all the medical staff who have supported her in recent days”.

Sarah had the procedure done at London’s King Edward VII hospital, a private clinic where the late Queen Elizabeth II as well as many other senior royals have been previously treated.

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After the surgery, the Duchess returned to her home in Windsor where she is “recuperating with her family”.

The spokesperson also relayed that before her mammogram screening, Sarah was “symptom free” and therefore “believes her experience underlines the importance of regular screening”.

It’s expected that Sarah AKA Fergie delved further into her breast cancer diagnosis during a pre-recorded episode of her new podcast Tea Talk and this episode in question will be released on Monday June 26 (GMT).

Who is Sarah Ferguson?

Sarah Ferguson, also known by her nickname ‘Fergie‘, is the Duchess of York. Sarah earnt this title when she married Prince Andrew, Duke of York and younger brother of King Charles III, in 1986. The couple welcomed two daughters, Princess Beatrice in 1988, and Princess Eugenie in 1990, but ultimately separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996.

Fergie married Prince Andrew in 1986. They divorced in 1996 but Sarah remained a member of the British royal family.

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After her divorce from Prince Andrew, Fergie remained a member of the British royal family, continued to be heavily involved with several charities, and also went on to become an author, television personality and podcaster.

Does Sarah Ferguson have cancer?

Sarah Ferguson was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer during a routine mammogram screening. The Duchess of York underwent surgery to remove the cancer and, according to a statement from her spokesperson, the surgery took place “successfully”.

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