Ticket please, your Royal Highness! All the times the royal family caught public transport

Wonder if they know how to top up an Opal card?
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One of the many perks that come with being a royal is that blue-blooded folk rarely have to tough it out on public transport to get where they need to be.

The royal family are usually driven around in private cars to official functions, staying well away from London’s outrageously busy tube system, and those famous double-decker buses.

But occasionally, their work duties mean the royals are often required to mingle with the masses on public transport.

Of course, even when catching a bus or train, the royals travel in style.

They’re certainly not queuing up to top-up their Opal cards or standing squished on a packed train carriage, but we appreciate their efforts nonetheless!

So if you’re feeling a little down about your dull work commute, let these gorgeous photos of royals on public transport put a smile on your face.

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Image: Getty


Imagine bumping into these two in the queue for the bus!

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla took a ride on a new electric double decker bus at Clarence House in early March 2020, as they travelled to the London Transport Museum to take part in celebrations to mark 20 years of Transport for London.

Image: Getty


Charles and Camilla sat amongst school students and fellow commuters on the bus.

Image: Getty


The couple met with London Mayor Sadiq Khan as they stepped onto an old London tube carriage on display at the museum.

Image: Getty


Princess Anne is one of the royal family’s most iconic members, known for her hours of hard work, a strong-willed personality and her genuine kind nature. But in February 2020, she managed to catch the London tube without anyone noticing!

Image: Getty


A report from the Daily Mail revealed the Princess Royal rode a London tube during London Fashion Week. She boarded the train at Green Park station, which is near her residence at St James’s Palace in London, then took the easy 15 minute journey to St Paul’s Cathedral, where she disembarked to attend the Fashion Week event. Go Anne!

Image: Getty


This looks a little different to our packed morning bus! The Queen sat patiently on a London bus during an official royal outing.

Image: Getty

She looked gorgeous in pale blue as she waved to excited schoolchildren waiting outside. (Image: Getty)

Remember that time Harry and Meghan caught a tram in Melbourne during the royal tour last year? They met with local schoolkids and chatted breezily about the gorgeous city. (Image: Getty)

The ever-sensible Meghan wore flats for her commute. (Image: Getty)

The gang’s all together! The Queen, Duchess Catherine and Prince Philip at Leicester train station in London in 2012. (Image: Getty)

The Queen flanked by her bodyguards as she gets ready to board a train. (Image: Getty)

Prince Philip waving to fans while aboard the Royal Train in Scotland, 2015. Yep, the royal train is totally a thing! The train is used to transport senior members of the royal family around Great Britain. (Image: Getty)

The Queen and Duchess Meghan rode the royal train together during their first solo joint appearance. Too cute! (Image: Getty)

Do you reckon he has an Oyster card? Prince Charles taps off at a London train station. (Image: Getty)

The Queen rides with her entourage on a very empty British bus. (Image: Getty)

The 92-year-old breezily steps off a public bus, unassisted. (Image: Getty)

“Wonder why it’s so empty?” (Image: Getty)

The Queen is let through the station barriers, no ticket needed! (Image: Getty)

Duchess Catherine chats to members of the public while on a London bus in 2013. (Image: Getty)

With Prince William by her side! (Image: Getty)

Camilla and Prince Charles sharing a laugh on the tube. (Image: Getty)

Camilla is loving being on this classic London double-decker bus! (Image: Getty)

Prince Charles chats with members of the public on the bus. (Image: Getty)

Duchess Catherine, Prince William and Prince Harry walk through a London train station. (Image: Getty)

Too cute! Kate has a dance on the train platform. (Image: Getty)

Prince Philip and the Queen exit a train together. (Image: Getty)

Watch your step, Your Highness! (Image: Getty)

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