EXCLUSIVE: The Queen “orders” Princes William and Harry to make peace as her Platinum Jubilee approaches

Why she wants the brothers on good terms again.
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In the past two weeks, the Queen has been in action mode.

No sooner had she washed her hands of Prince Andrew, stripping him of his HRH and military titles and confirming he’d pay for his own civil court case defence, did she turn her attention to her next problem – Prince William and Prince Harry’s falling out.

Insiders tell Woman’s Day that the 95-year-old has ordered her grandsons to meet and sort out their differences, once and for all.

“It’s a big year for Her Majesty, with her Platinum Jubilee looming,” says a source.

The Queen has reportedly “ordered” Harry and William to make amends.


“She’s tired of waiting for everyone to sort out their own messes and is personally intervening in everything.

“She’s worked hard for this celebration and she’s not allowing a single family member to ruin it for her.”

According to insiders, William 39, and his 37-year-old, US-based brother fell out in 2018 in the lead-up to Harry’s wedding to actress Meghan Markle.

“The brothers’ relationship broke the moment William urged Harry to take his time to get to know Meghan and not rush into anything.

“As we’ve seen, Harry’s hackles have been raised ever since,” says a source. “But the Queen has personally ordered – that’s ordered, not requested – for this nonsense between them to stop”.

According to the palace insider, she’s officially recalling Harry from his home in California to the UK, where he’ll face William for the first time since their photo op at Kensington Palace in July, when they unveiled a statue in honour of their late mother Princess Diana in the Sunken Garden.

It’s been two years since the brothers sat across from each other with the Queen and Prince Charles at Sandringham Estate, when Harry laid out his plans to become independent from the monarchy, starting with moving his wife and child to America.

“William, it must be said, was not prepared to negotiate,” says a source. “He didn’t help matters at all when he refused to have lunch with his brother, and only joined them for the tense talks.”

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This time, says an insider, the determined Queen will host another lunch for the Wales brothers – and attendance is mandatory.

“They might be grown men but they’re not above a telling-off from their grandmother, and she is going to demand that they meet face to face to sort out their differences and call a truce before jubilee celebrations begin in June,” says the source.

“Both Harry and William can be stubborn and hot-headed, but there’s only one person in the world who can put an end to that – their granny.

“If Harry knows what’s good for him, he’ll be on the next flight to London.”

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