The subtle sign that suggests the Queen is about to step down from the throne

Will Prince Charles be taking up the mantle sooner than we thought?
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At age 93, Queen Elizabeth is an unstoppable force, and she’s continuing to prove as much as she nails engagement after engagement with the flair and ease of someone in their 20s.

But that’s not to say that things would be completely smooth sailing for Her Majesty – there’s no denying she’s faced a fair share of challenges, backlash and shortcomings in her time.

And now, there is renewed speculation that she may well be hanging up the Crown soon and passing her rather important job down to her heir, Prince Charles.

The Queen has led a colourful life, to say the least.


In a new report from PEOPLE respected royal correspondent Simon Perry discusses the Queen’s potential choice in pulling back from public life when she turns 95 – which is 18 months away.

In November, the royal family came under fire after Prince Andrew delivered an explosive interview about his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

It is understood the Queen confronted her son following the interview, which ultimately led to him stepping down from his public duties.

Prince Andrew has caused a media storm for the royal family recently.


During this tumultuous time for the royal family, it’s understood Elizabeth leaned heavily on her son Prince Charles, who provided advice and counsel to the Monarch.

As a result, many now believe this is a sign the Queen may well step back and let her son take the reigns within the next couple of years.

There is renewed speculation the Queen may give up the throne for Prince Charles at age 95.


In the US-based publication’s report, Perry details how the rumour first surfaced – via a respected royal biography about Prince Charles.

Writer Robert Jobson explained: “One senior aide told me that the Queen has given the matter of her passing hears considerable thought and believes, that, if she is still alive at ninety-five she will consider passing the reign to Charles.”

However, speaking to a spokesperson from Prince Charles’ office this week, Perry was told that there were in fact, no plans of the sort.

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The source also said that Charles’ supposed advice for the Queen over the Prince Andrew scandal was also “over-interpreted” by the media, and made it clear that it was in fact Elizabeth’s decision to have her son step back.

And with that being said, there’s no denying that the Queen is up for the job for a while yet.

Last month, amazing pictures of the 93-year-old riding a horse like an absolute pro swept the world.

That, and with her jovial nature continuing to shine at public events, we reckon she’s got plenty more where that came from.

As they say, long live the Queen!

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