Queen Margrethe of Denmark’s Momentous Reign in Pictures

We look back on her extraordinary life of service.
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After more than five decades as reigning monarch, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has stepped down from the Danish throne.

Surpassing the reign of King Christian IV, Queen Margrethe has served as Denmark’s longest reigning royal, concluding her tenure as Danish sovereign exactly 52 years to the day since her proclamation.

Queen Margrethe has stepped down as Denmark’s sovereign.

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Ascending to the throne on January 14, 1972, following the death of her father, King Frederick IX, Queen Margrethe’s reign marked a turning point in the Danish monarchy as she became the first-ever woman to inherit the Danish throne.

As the Queen officially steps back from her duties, we look back on Queen Margrethe’s extraordinary reign.

Queen Margrethe and Danish Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag.

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January 14, 1972 – Queen Margrethe II Proclaimed Queen of Denmark

Following the funeral procession for her father, King Frederick IX, 31-year-old Princess Margrethe was proclaimed Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

Addressing the public from the balcony of Christiansborg Palace, Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag announced Margrethe’s accession to the throne – proclaiming her as Queen of Denmark.

L-R: Prince Philip, Queen Margrethe, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Hendrik.

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May 1979 – Queen Margrethe Welcomes Queen Elizabeth II

As two of Europe’s longest-serving monarchs, Queen Margrethe first welcomed Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to Denmark in May 1979.

Hosting the British royal couple, Queen Margrethe appeared alongside her husband Prince Hendrik throughout Queen Elizabeth’s state visit to Denmark.

President Nelson Mandela and Queen Margrethe outside Denmark’s Amalienborg Palace.

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March 1999 – Queen Margrethe Hosts South African President Nelson Mandela

Following her visit to South Africa in 1996, Queen Margrethe hosted Nelson Mandela in March 1999 during his state visit to Denmark.

Queen Margrethe is the longest reigning monarch in Danish history.

(Image: Kongehuset)

July 2023 – Queen Margrethe Marks Milestone as Longest Reigning Danish Royal

In July 2023, Queen Margrethe surpassed 51 years and six months on the Danish throne, breaking the record previously held by King Christian IV.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, the Danish Royal Court shared new photographs of Queen Margrethe on board the Royal Ship Dannebrog.

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