Queen Margrethe of Denmark tests positive for COVID-19 days after attending the Queen’s funeral

What her illness could mean for the British royals.
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Queen Margrethe of Denmark has tested positive for COVID-19, sparking fears that coronavirus could soon spread to members of the Danish and British royal families.

The news of her illness comes after her recent return to Copenhagen following her appearance at dear friend Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey, where she sat front row.

This is the second time this year the Danish Queen has contracted COVID-19.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark has tested positive for COVID-19.

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The Danish royal household released a statement, which read: “Her Majesty the Queen tested positive for COVID-19 last night and is now staying at Fredensborg Castle.

“The Queen’s activities this week are thus cancelled. Friday’s evening party at Christiansborg Castle for the government, the Danish members of the European Parliament will be carried out with His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess as hosts.”

Margrethe was accompanied by Crown Prince Frederik on her journey to England, however his wife Crown Princess Mary did not join them. The prince has not tested COVID-19 positive, so far.

During the state funeral, Queen Margrethe was seen struggling to hold back her tears as she said her final goodbye to her friend and cousin.

Queen Margrethe was accompanied by Prince Frederik.

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Grief was clearly overwhelming the 82-year-old Danish Queen after appearing at the gallery at Westminster Hall a day before the funeral, where she attempted to contain her emotions while visiting the late British monarch’s coffin.

The two monarchs have been close for years, Queen Margrethe previously noting that the British Queen was always “somebody I have admired. I also happen to know her very well, fairly well anyway.”

She also admitted she was inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s ability to rule “with a smile” and a “marvellous sense of humour.”

The two Queens were friends for decades.

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The Danish Queen also revealed to Britain’s ITV that the pair often discussed “family and things that are going on in this country or that country. What we are up to and also what the children are up to.”

They even referred to one another by their adorable nicknames, ‘Lilibet’ for Elizabeth and ‘Daisy’ for Margrethe.

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