Princess Charlotte looks EXACTLY like this royal in brand new throwback photographs

The resemblance is uncanny!
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Princess Charlotte has no shortage of royal doppelgängers, including her own father Prince William and of course her “granny”, the late Princess Diana.

But in a newly surfaced photograph, it appears that the young royal looks exactly like another of her relatives – Princess Diana’s niece, Lady Kitty Spencer.

The model took to Instagram over the weekend, posting a picture of herself riding a horse in 1992.

“Lexus Melbourne Cup here we come!! Channeling my inner jockey since 1992!” Kitty captioned the post.

And while it was a very lovely nod to Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup festivities, where the young Spencer is a guest, fans couldn’t believe their eyes as she looked exactly like Princess Charlotte.

“You look exactly like Charlotte,” one fan commented.

“Gosh, you look like Princess Charlotte here!” another said, while another:

“Like Charlotte Cambridge.”

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Lady Kitty Spencer’s throwback photo bares an uncanny resemblance to Princess Charlotte.

(Source: Instagram/Lady Kitty Spencer)

Princess Charlotte on her first day of school in 2019.

(Source: Getty Images)

And this is not the first time the pair have been seen as look-a-likes.

Back in 2018, Kitty shared a photograph of herself on her first day of school.

In the black and white picture, she is standing next to shrubbery with her finger coyly in her mouth.

Even back then, royalists around the world couldn’t get enough of the similarities between her and her first cousin, Prince William’s daughter.

“I thought it was Princess Charlotte for a moment,” one fan wrote in the comments.

“Now we know how amazingly beautiful Charlotte will be in the future,” another added.

Lady Kitty on her first day of school.

(Source: Instagram/Lady Kitty Spencer)

Lady Kitty in 2019.

(Source: Getty Images)

Lady Kitty often shares glorious throwback photographs on her Instagram account and it’s clear that in every picture, the family genes are very strong.

She is the daughter of Princess Diana’s brother after all!

What’s more, Charlotte, whose full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, is believed to have the same lively spirit as Diana.

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“Princess Charlotte displays, already, charisma, charm, fun, & joy. She embodies the soul & spirit of Diana. She just makes one smile when you see her image,” one person wrote on Twitter in mid-July.

“Charlotte looks like and reminds me of Princess Diana,” another agreed.

“I have been saying – for a while now – that Charlotte is going to look a lot more like Diana than anyone thinks,” a third claimed.

A fourth pointed out: “The lips and the way she is smiling is similar to Diana.”

How absolutely divine!

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