Prince William hopes to reconcile with Prince Harry in upcoming trip to Boston

Can they reconcile their differences?
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The Prince of Wales is determined to avoid a “turf war” during his trip to Boston this week as insiders confirm he’s quietly planning to offer his estranged brother Prince Harry an olive branch.

The 40-year-old dad-of-three will be joined by his wife Kate, also 40, in the US for the second Earthshot Prize Awards at the MGM Music Hall, where they will be awarding millions to climate change pioneers.

Insiders agree there’s a lot riding on the trip, particularly given it’s the Prince and Princess of Wales’ first time in the US since the Queen’s passing.

William hopes to offer an olive branch.

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“This is a big opportunity for them to win over the States – they’re going to love America and hopefully Americans will love them,” shares a source.

“Catherine and William are very proud of how the Earthshot program has grown since it was set up more than a year ago… the only thing overshadowing all this good work is the nightmare situation with Harry and Meghan.”

Tentative plans for Catherine and William to meet with the Sussexes are said to be underway, with sources noting that Harry, 38, and Meghan, 41, have always been more likely to meet members of the royal family away from the confines of royal properties.

There is mounting fear in the Wales camp, however, that things between the four will ultimately turn nasty.

Harry and Meghan have an upcoming Netflix documentary.

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“William would love nothing more than to sail into America with his wife on his arm, have a good time and sail out,” adds the insider.

“But he knows it’s his job to keep the peace and try to make things work while he’s on Harry and Meghan’s turf. He feels he’s obliged to work hard for a meeting since he’s in the same country.”

Indeed, tensions between the brothers have only worsened since they briefly reunited in grief after the Queen’s death in September.

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Said to be adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary is scheduled for release the same week they’re in the US and William is bracing for impact.

The prince is concerned that all efforts for a reconciliation will be wasted after the series premieres, where it’s expected Meghan and Harry will have planted some not-so-thinly veiled digs at the royal family.

Sources say William expects Harry to pull out on their meeting at the last moment, admitting the duke will be busy promoting their long-awaited series.

The royal family were heartbroken by the Queen’s passing.

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“Truthfully, it’s a tough situation, one William is dreading as he fully anticipates if they do meet up, a twisted version of their reunion will make its way out to Sussex-approved outlets,” confides a source.

“He knows he has to be careful what he says to Harry because he fears Harry will use it against him.”

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